Leviathan Raid Prestige Mode Now Available

Leviathan Raid Prestige Mode


With this week’s reset we are getting the new Leviathan Raid Prestige mode – a harder ( heroic ) version of the raid that requires power level of 300 or higher in order to complete. The initial release is set on Tuesday October 10th, 10 a.m Pacific Time.

What's new in Prestige Mode Leviathan Raid

What’s new ?

Although the mechanics behind each raid zone is similar ( aside the small changes) it will be much harder to complete. The rewards, according to Bungie, are better weapons, and ultumately showing off to the world and your friends that you are among the elite of the elite, very few players will be able to finish the prestige mode on release. Although Bungie was pretty steep on rewards details, they did mention that the world first raid party to finish the raid will be counted and displayed.

new prestige mode gear

Gear rewards:

Again, there wasn’t any details, but they did mention there will be prestige raid exclusive gear that you can’t get in any other way. It might look similar to the normal raid gear, with changes to the coloring pattern. Our assumption is that we might get to see weapons such as Raid Fusion Rifle, or Raid Sidearm although nothing is certain at this point.

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It seems the Prestige Raid mode in Destiny 2 will be similar like the one we had in Destiny 1. Very few mechanical changes and greatly increased difficulty. Revival penalties might apply as well, so instead of the standard 30 seconds timeframe, we might see a decrease to 20 or even 10. That’s all the info we got for now, gear up for October 10th and stock up on energy drinks, Leviathan Raid will be challenging once more 😀

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