Beyond Light Best build for Titan’s Behemoth – Destiny 2 Guide

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Titan's Behemoth

Introduction to the Beyond Light Titan's Behemoth subclass:

Welcome to our Beyond Light build for Titan’s Behemoth guide in season of the hunt.
With the newest update for Destiny 2: Beyond Lights we are introduced with 3 sub classes for Warlock, Titan and Hunter.
All of them with their respective names Warlock Shadebinder, Titan’s Behemoth and Hunter Revenant.
This perfectly named subclass Titan’s Behemoth fits the actual gameplay of the class.

Titans are a highly offensive or highly defensive class. Creating solid Stasis crystals that provide cover or platforms from which you can leap.

New additions with the Titan's Behemoth Subclass:

Their new super is called Glacial Quake. This ability covers the Titan with Statis crystals, which increases their defensive power and gives them icy fists to smash through their enemies.
Shiver strike is their primary attack. It spawns multiple shockwaves of ice, freezing enemies in place and making crystals for ground cover.

During their super Titan’s Behemoths can jump higher, faster and farther with unlimited melee energy. During their super Titans receive less incoming damage.
They also get the beforementioned unlimited melee energy making the frozen enemies’ lives in danger!

Its up to you to decide do you want to be a wrecking ball on the field or simply defend your allies with your super.

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Glacial Quake

Titans also have a new melee override called Ground Control. The Titan’s Behemoth leaps forward leaving a trace of crystals behind them into an enemy annihilating them with their icy fist pushing them back.
It also freezes nearby enemies where landed.


In case you missed it in Beyond Light players can slot up to two Aspects in ther Statis tree.
These Aspects offer unique effects and change different aspects of the subclass. Also they get a few grenade options as the other 2 subclasses.

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Ground Control

Titan’s Behemoth Aspects

Tectonic Harvest: Shattering a Stasis crystal creates a Stasis shard. This shard grants melee energy when picked up by you or your allies.

This allows you to work as a sort of a support type of your allies’ melee energy builds making it always a good option in any team!

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Tectonic Harvest


Whisper of Durance: Slow from your abilities lasts longer. For those abilities that linger, their duration will increase.


We are getting new 3 Statis grenades and it seems all subclasses have the same grenade options:

Glacier Grenade: Upon contact with the ground, a wall of Statis crystals instantly burst from the earth and nearby enemies are frozen inside the Statis crystal.
These grenades have multiple uses – from encasing enemies to creating cover.
When destroyed the crystals will create AoE burst damage to nearby enemies.

Coldsnap Grenade: Upon impact with the ground or an enemy, this grenade unleashes a wave of Statis energy that races along the ground in the direciton of the closest nearby enemy,
freezing them and then searching out the nexet nearby foe. You can freeze up to three enemies with a single Coldsnap Grenade.

Duskfield Grenade: Duskfield Grenades create powerful Statis fields that suck enemies into them when forming. Once an enemy is caught inside, they will be slowed and, if unable to make it out of time frozen in place.

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Abilities

Recommended Equipment:

These are some exotics and mods that will help you on your quest towards brawling with the enemies with the godly juggernaut that is the Titan’s Behemoth.

Synthoceps – Are for sure going to stay a solid choice as always simply because of their Biotic Enhancments perk making you an adept juggernaut on the battlefield.
Biotic Enhancements increases your melee lunge range and improves your melee’s and Super’s damage when there are enemies nearby.

Wormgod Caress – Was there ever any doubt? Clearly this was an option! Wormgod Caress’ Burning Fists trait causes your melee kills to increase your melee damage for a period of time.
What more is there to say? Simply a must have exotic if you want to dash in head first on the battlefield with your melee fists smacking enemies around.

Dunemarchers – Dunemarchers is the best and most used Titan exotic in the game and is as always recommended to use with this build. Their perk Linear Actuators causes your sprint speed to be increased and
sprinting builds up a static charge. After you melee an enemy that same charge will chain to nearby enemies causing your attacks to be AoE.

Highly noted and recommended mod – Radiant LightArrival Armor Mod – Absolutely do not forget to use these mods. They give a flat +20 Str stat and can be stacked. Meaning your melee’s cooldown will be reduced by a huge margin!
Do not to stack up on these as they will be mandatory for the build.

Click on the pictures above to zoom them.

If you were wondering how can you acquire these exotics or need any kind of assistance go right ahead and check out our Beyond Light section for any kind of help!


Hopefully this guide will help you get a bit more insight of the perks and traits of the new Titan’s Behemoth!

This guide is still work in progress and we will update it as soon as the meta in Beyond Light shifts.


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