Destiny 2 Glory Rank Boost – Beyond Light Expansion

Destiny 2 Glory Rank Boost

Welcome to the Destiny 2 glory rank boosting service in Season of the Lost. Order your Beyond Light rank boost and let us handle the job for you. From any glory rank up to Legend!

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5 $ 

This is what we can do !

The following video is a compilation of some of our best plays by our teams. Actual ingame footage of ongoing and past orders. We work with some of the best teams in the world, both US and EU leaderboards, Vol#1 is now live, if you want us to make more of these make sure to comment and follow our youtube channel !

Vol #2 – kind of 😀

Vol #1

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Customer Reviews

Sep 12,2021

"Thx for the carry guys, will come back again. Done in an hour, saved me hours of grind and hating on myself :D"

Client: Jakal

Sep 10,2021

"Placed my preorder for this season as with the previous ones, they always deliver, boosters get it done in an hour or so."

Client: NiB

Sep 10,2021

"Run was done in under an hour, as with previous seasons they are top notch."

Client: Cl_Sharp

Feb 22,2021

"thx for the carry, done on all 3 characters same day of order, good stuff"

Client: Jarle

Feb 22,2021

"thx, order done on time, igneous delivered albeit will try again next week for better rolls i guess."

Client: Øystein

Feb 22,2021

"thx for the service, but my order done in 3 h from placing it, gotta get that igneous boi :D"

Client: Jonathan

Feb 22,2021

"thx for the trials carries, got my igneous with range and ramapge. very well done, great prices too"

Client: BB_8Unit

Dec 20,2020

"thx for the carry, will come again."

Client: Jackamo Haar

Dec 20,2020

"thx for the boost, will use again, A+ as always"

Client: Korrie

Dec 20,2020

"Trials done in 3h from placing my order, very good service."

Client: Hitchiker


Very simple, we login and play for you untill we finish the order. Alternatively you can order selfplay/carry service and tag along with us in game. Order streamed service to watch progress live and learn from some of the best teams around !

Hehe, good question. We are working in Destiny 2 since it’s release, we never failed an order before. Our teams finished over 1k orders since the release, when it comes to boosting we know what we are doing 😀

We work globally, our boosters are mostly Europe and USA based so the prime working hours start from 5-6 pm CET for eu, and about the same for USA time zones. Talk to us via live chat prior order to make sure about exact starting timeframes.

As with all our Destiny 2 service, refunds are approved only if service was not started. Small delays of an hour or two shouldn’t be of any alarm or concern, in a very rare occasion that all teams are busy and order cannot be started right away we might consider to add some extra service for the extended delay.

Paypal is our default payment gateway, meaning you can use any currency (it will auto conver to $). For bigger orders or alternative payments such as Western Union or BTC contact us on live chat.

Our website uses latest SSL security technology (you can check this in the url). ALl account info provided is as safe as it can be. In addition to encryption your info is only handled by the teams that play the game, no third party gets access to it except for the teams working on the order.

Comments (94)

ordered 10 glory wins for test, all went well placed another order today communication and boost is A+

finished 15 wins within 10h of placing order. couldnt start right away but they told me about it. All in all it was A+ service as expected.

5 wins test order done in under 2 hours. will order radrix on monday. A+++ communication and teams, watched the stream live they destroyed 5 games in a row sitting on a nice winning streak now lol 😀

boost was finished according to schedule, making flawless trials order next , communication was top notch.

placed 10 wins test orders which was done within 2h. ordered raedrix today, lets see how fast they get it. A+++ communication hands down.

ordered 10 wins test order with stream, placing raedrix order tonight. they destroyed 9/10 games watched them on stream, good stuff.

ordered test boost from heroic 50 to brave 50, they knocked it out within 24h of placing the order. ordered to fable 0 to get my claymore. Best service out there guys, no way i would get this on my own. KUDOS !

ordered 200 points test order and watched them live. service was really good. after they were done i ordered the rest of the points for the redrix, i got no no doubt they will get it, my boost with stream was scheduled to resume tomorrow in about 7h from now.

550 points done to fabled 0. i couldnt do it myself. A+ team really enjoyed the boost.

boost to fabled done. ordered around 1000 pts total, they knocked them out in 3-4 days. A+ service i talked to them prior order they seemed knoledgable and answered all my questions.

i ordered a redrix claymore still in progress but the teams that are playing are very good the skype messages are clear and have been very nice all and all i would rate this a 10/10

got raedrix tonight. ordered it 4 days ago on ps4, oh man it’s so good !

i placed order about 2 days ago, they couldnt start for 12h from placing the order but now all is good. woke up this morning and was sent twitch stream of the games that took place overnight. all in all it is good, they made about 550 points progress overnight, will see how it goes today. communication is top notch with them, i just wish they could start sooner.

I ordered Fabled boost and the team did it in 2 days!! It was very fast and they are very professional. These guys are the best PVP players I’ve seen.. Big KUDOS Thank you so much!!

started about 10h after ordering. talked to them 2 days prior placing my order never used service lik this before and i really dont like asharing account. currently missing 200 points for fabled 0. everything goes well just took a bit longer to get there. all in all i would say 4/5

redrix done, ordered stream service to watch they got some beast teams working with them. improved my overall kda as well, learned a lot on how to utilize melee hunter builds. A+++, really surprised how good they are.

Ordered redrix claymore got it extremely fast. Got to watch each game through twitch. They have the best prices I have seen for this gun. And the team is beast. Got a ton or shards and a overall k/d boost as well. Communication is extremely good with customer support. Overall service a 11/10 highly recommend.

finally finished. took a bit longer than quoted tho. communication was on top, kept me updated and put up with my pestering 😀 A+ teams, watched it on stream they stom pretty hard.

When will my carry start?

pc orders were slightly delayed today coz teams had pending orders. we will try our best to start this in the morning.

How long will it take?

m8, boost depends on points ordered. full redrix 2100 pts is about 1 week give or take a day.

got redrix today, took them 5 days to finish i already had about 400 points in. A+ website, will use them for trials every week from now on 😀

thanks guys. i cant stress enough how much i needed this 😀 my entire clan is offline for like months and there was no way i could get redrix on my own. A+ service from support to play ingame. got me the redrix in 8 days from placing the order, started about 16h after placing it.

made test order for 400 glory points, was done in about 2 days with stream. they are legit, gonna order redrix this monday from them.

Minor delay, but got the job done (400 glory) in a single day! Great players who are definitely legit. Communication needs work but other than that, solid service! They’ll get the job done for good price.

thing is some of the main teams were on vacation and we had a bit of a queue. hope the delay of start was understandable tho, there were a lot of redrix orders past month and some teams definitely needed a break/vacation. got spots open atm tho, most of us are back to work full time now, but it was much needed rest i assure u 😀

Nothing beats this price and teams. Watched the stream, they got some hardstomp teams. really enjoyed this service A+ guys keep it up.

Thank you so much guys! I ordered a glory boost to get a Redrix and they completed it so fast in a few days =).
I definitely recommend this service to anyone else looking to complete something but cannot for any reason.
Looking forward to using their services again in the future!

order done, used them for ep before, got the redrix in a matter of days ( about 600 pts missing). A+ support, always best 😀

These guys were always professional. Even with me questioning them all the time.. Completed my order on comp grind in about three days.. Will be using their services again in the near future. Great work!!

About Order #2109 –
I don’t suppose it’s possible to Glory Rank boost while getting carried rather than someone on my account?
I didn’t see such an option.. but thought I would ask anyways.

sry m8, our teams that handle glory boost are like top 50 leaderboard or close to it. we only work with full stack, no other way to deliver fast.

Order done,Nice Service.Stream fee you guys just keep it,Take it as tips.

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