Glory Rank Boost – Luna’s Howl Carry

Important Read For Luna’s Howl

DO NOT order 1 glory point and all of the quests on the calculator, if thats the case scroll towards bottom of page and select each quest and adjust quantity! Ordering boost to Fabled 0 (2100 points) will also reward towards your other quests for the Luna such as 200 solar kills, 100 precision kills and so on. If however you lack only 500-800 points for the Luna and have low % completion on the 100 precision or 200 solar kills we might not be able to finish all the quests by the time we hit 2100 points. In this scenario order additional solar or precision kills missing using the quest completion product below the calculator or just order the whole luna package. Use the panel section to get in touch with your booster.


You ordered 300 points boost, (1800 starting and boost to 2100) and had only 20% completion on your precision kills quest on start. By the time we hit 2100 we might not have enough games to finish all the quests, in this scenario use the partial quest completion section towards bottom of page and select exactly how many kills you need and which type. Alternatively just order full luna if you already have 2100 pts but need all the other quests, it is same amount of work if you are at 1 or 2100 glory points in a situation where you need all the other quests.

Glory Rank Boost








Total Points Ordered :

5 $ 

Destiny 2 Forsaken Service

Exclusive to Season 4 is the new Luna’s Howl hand cannon. With a whooping 180 rpm attack speed this is  one of the most sought for weapons in this third Destiny 2 expansion. Order now and unlock the new weapon in a matter of days, our teams consist of top leaderboard competitive players that work with us since release. Enable twitch stream on your service and watch us work live, learn how professional teams get the job done in no more than 4-5 days.

Luna’s Howl Carry Service – Rank & Quests

luna howl carry recov service

Full Luna’s Howl

Use this product if you have very little or no progress at all on the Luna’s Howl. Complete service with all quests in addition to Fabled 0 rank boost. Use the calculator above if you already have progress made so you don’t have to pay the full price.

Partial Quests Completion

Use this product if you want us to finish only the quests such as 200  solar kills, 100 precision kills and so on (eg: you already have 80 solar kills, so order quantity 120 more). For glory boost to 2100 (Fabled 0) use the calculator above so you get some discount if you already have progress.

This is what we can do !

The following video is a compilation of some of our best plays by our teams. Actual ingame footage of ongoing and past orders. We work with some of the best teams in the world, both US and EU leaderboards, Vol#1 is now live, if you want us to make more of these make sure to comment and follow our youtube channel !

Vol #3 – Season 7

Vol #2 – kind of 😀

Vol #1

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Customer Reviews

Apr 27,2020

"Amazing service. Bought full GOS completion + Divinity. Started in less than 10 min and completed really fast. 10/10 would reccommend."

Client: Dietsnapplebtw

Apr 18,2020

"best place to get your trials done. AAA teams"

Client: Rohtis

Apr 17,2020

"Shout out to Andrew, great communication and service. Ty!"

Client: xlopez96

Apr 14,2020



Apr 04,2020

"my weekly runs were done in a few hours on all 3 classes. as always great job, keep it up guys !"

Client: Janicki

Apr 04,2020

"best place to get ur weekly flawless runs. A+ on the price as well,"

Client: kaide

Apr 02,2020

"best place to get ur trials done, cheapest by far. making another 3x order this friday."

Client: Mihail

Apr 02,2020

"thx used them the past 2 years on and off. as always they never disapoint."

Client: JackieJo

Apr 01,2020

"This destiny service is amazing. I have used the service multiple times For several of the raids and PvP stuff. I have yet to be disappointed. Chezus was my primary booster and for all of the purchases he communicated with me very well and got the job done fast. The other boosters used were just as good. I have recommended this service to several people and will continue to do so as long the excellent service remains intact."

Client: OfficerBacon

Mar 25,2020

"Basically wished to say Now i am grateful that i happened on your internet page."

Client: BrianDub

Note: Although no identifiable info is posted in any of the screenshots, if you still believe any of the content posted identifies your account in anyway contact us and we will promptly remove it. The purpose of these screens is to show some of our finished work and they are chosen on random, people that never used us before were asking proofs of finished work etc, so we thought to include it.


Very simple, we login and win games for you till we get the gun (~5 days for 2100 pts). Order streamed service to watch progress live and learn from some of the best teams around !

Hehe, good question. We are working in Destiny 2 since it’s release, we never failed an order before. Our teams finished over 1k orders since the release, when it comes to boosting we know what we are doing 😀

We work globally, our boosters are mostly Europe and USA based so the prime working hours start from 5-6 pm CET for eu, and about the same for USA time zones. Talk to us via live chat prior order to make sure about exact starting timeframes.

As with all our Destiny 2 service, refunds are approved only if service was not started. Small delays of an hour or two shouldn’t be of any alarm or concern, in a very rare occasion that all teams are busy and order cannot be started right away we might consider to add some extra service for the extended delay.

Paypal is our default payment gateway, meaning you can use any currency (it will auto conver to $). For bigger orders or alternative payments such as Western Union or BTC contact us on live chat.

Our website uses latest SSL security technology (you can check this in the url). ALl account info provided is as safe as it can be. In addition to encryption your info is only handled by the teams that play the game, no third party gets access to it except for the teams working on the order.

Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. On this page we offer Glory Rank Boost, Luna’s Howl carry & recovery service .

Comments (90)

Wow, amazing! These guys know what they are doing. My booster was Okimaka and got the job done ASAP! I am 100% going to recommend a friend of mine to this website.

What up?
I have all the steps done, I just need to reach fable. What would be the price for that. I don’t have an PayPal account, what would be you preferred method of payment?

I don’t know what to say I’m literally lost of words. The boosters are just too good in competitive mode. I placed my order 3 hours ago, had a chat with my booster through email, after 2 hours I already had my Luna! Their service is excellent, from the live chat to chatting with your given booster, and finally watching them getting win streaks in every single match they play! Everything was as smooth as butter. If you’re struggling to get to Fabled or even Legend, TRUST ME, they will get the job done in NO TIME! I will highly recommend to my other friends who are also struggling to get to Fabled. If you are facing the same situation, what are you waiting for? Just place your order to them NOW!

I have to say this right off the bat – What these guys do is amazing.
I started out at 672 glory – I wasn’t finished with the hand canon kills.
I ordered at 2:18AM my time and a booster got on my account within 10 mins. It’s now 14:40PM and between me going to sleep, eating some sunday dinner and watching a movie All my quests towards the Luna’s Howl have been completed and my booster has 42 Glory to earn before it will unlock and be done. I know it’s not finished yet but I wanted to put out how great of a service this is because It’s honestly unreal. The staff in chat are super nice. If you want to pester your booster you can (I have tried not to) and if you look at the price other sites offer this quest at this is the cheapest on you will find. I don’t want to post my boosters name guys but please take this golden review for them and make sure you keep feeding them a steady stream of work. They’re definitely an asset to you.

I must say this order was by far the most efficient. I have had three orders in total. The booster was very communicative. They let me know when they got on and off. THey also provided updates as to progression. My order went from 2154 to 5540 well actually a little more than that because of win streaks, in three daily sessions. Very nice and helpful. Thank you all for helping.

Want to say that I’m very satisfied with the services provided here. I was so ecstatic to log in and see the progress. Thank you! Will use in the future too.

Very happy with this service and I will highly recommend it to all my friends!

Very happy and satisfied with this service. I had already completed the steps just need a boost to fabled. Ordered, and chatted with my booster, The next day they got it completed will I was at work. Came home to the luna’s. Thanks.

After struggling with solo-queuing for a month in comp and getting stuck between 850-1000, I needed some help (as did my blood pressure…). The reviews for this service were top notch, so I took a chance.. SO glad I did! I had finished the quest steps (aside from some precision HC kills..) and needed the boost to 2100. My booster completed this is two evenings and my Luna was waiting for me!! I wish I would’ve ordered the twitch stream just to see how he played and possibly learn a thing or two. Next time!

All in all, an excellent service and very reliable. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again! A++

I just got my Luna’s quest all finished up, my order took less than 24 hours to complete, granted i had progress to begin with! Very helpful and would absolutely use this service again and recommend to anyone interested. 10/10

Amazing. Less then 48 hours it took those guys to do something I cannot. Not only I would recommend them but I will return for more. Thank you guys! You are great.

Quick response and very helpful. The booster I got was super friendly and did a great (and quick) job getting the Luna’s Howl I ordered. I would highly recommend the service for anyone as challenged in the pvp and patience department like me. I will keep them in mind if I do this again.

Quick response from their online chat and also the service was done in a quick and orderly fashion. Booster communicated whole time as to when he was going to get on and off. Triple A service, will most likely continue to use for Not Forgotten and future services.

Great services! This is my second time use this services! A+ Seller!!

These guys are great fast and very quick to respond. I will high recommend them for all needs of completion in D2

Literally less than 24 hours to do all the steps for luna. 10/10 Service fast. communication with your booster makes things feel comfortable, they ask when you would like to play and when best times for them to login. would recommend to everyone who doesnt have the time or would just like to leave it in the hands of champions. will 100% return again

Had a very slow frustrating start, however after near a week I literally just checked and they delivered and I have my luna

Got my luna! Amazing fast service!

If I play between5-10 pm eastern time USA, can you guys work around that schedual for Lukas howel

yes we can, customers panel is live u can talk to us directly after ordering adn schedule our playing hours.

got the luna today, logged in all was good. used them in season 3 before, i knew they will deliver once more. AAA service

I’m interested in ordering the full Luna’s Howls package but I have one concern, what time do you guys normally play?

boost comes with schedling playing hours, you just leave that in order notes or talk on live chat to arrange 😀

oh man there are no words to describe the joy that filled me when i refreshed the destiny 2 tracker web site and saw that it done.

just a big thank you and sorry for what we ask you for .

much love and respect.

Surprisingly quality work. I had my (very understandable) skepticisms early on and was initially very hesitant. But after finally conceding my details and having my account played, I was pleasantly surprised by how efficiently the service was handled.

Many other services rejected my business or didn’t respond at all (likely due to how little time was left) but these guys were help out a desperate man at his wit’s end with such a painful grind.

I can definitely see myself using this service again in the future if I ever feel something is purely out of my own reach. 🙂

oh stop it you (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว

Pros. Didn’t have to wait long to get my Claymore. They have my strong recommendation. Thank you very much! 🙂

thanks, service done on time, used tracker to check every now and then, today got email of completion claimed the redrix 😀

got it, they did it in time, i was a bit worried as we were getting close to 4th sept but they did it. A+ will come again for luna in season 4 😀

Took an overall 15 days to complete, I am glad it got done but was no where near the estimates. Paid on the 15th, didn’t get first login till the 20th and just now completed. I get that the players needed a break, but this was POORLY communicated. Original estimate was start in 24-36 hours, finish in 5 days after start. That’s only reason I am a little bummed.

i have 1322 points. still possible?

1322 glory points in about 2-3 days, should be easy 😀

oh finally got the redrix. start within 12h from placing the order, i got stream link and even had the ability to enjoy parts of the order and watch them work. 90% stomp games, they are the best as what they do

got redrix, AAA service, no way i was gonna do this on my own. well spent$ .

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