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Opening December 4th is the new Destiny 2 DLC Black Armory. Use the main menu for everything we have to offer, or check this thread for every new boosting offer that will be introduced with the dlc launch. New pinnacle weapons, higher power level ceiling and everything else that Bungie will throw at us will be listed in this thread, click the links to navigate to the appropriate product page and order the service.

Crimson Days – Available February 12th through 19th

Order your confectionary hearts and unlock event exclusive rewards. The Vow, new sparrows and ghosts, all services supported !


Last Word – Now available

Order comes with full completion of The Draw quest, or partial completions on each step of the way with discounts based on your current progress. Order now and unlock this incredible op hand cannon, live chat support is available 24/7 for any questions

last word

Le Monarque – Forge Exotic Bow

Our latest edition to the armory, Le Monarque is a forge exclusive exotic bow. This item does not have any quest associated with it, so the timeframe can vary from 1-2 days up to a week or more. Order on account service and let us finish the grind for you, or play with us and get carried in forges till we get this weapon.

Izanami Forge – Order Here

Izanami is the third forge released with the Blackout DLC. The forge gates open December 18th with the start of the scheduled weekly reset. Order you forge + sniper questline below, talk to us on live chat for any questions, we are 24/7 online !

blog post izanami

The Dawning,  Available Dec 11th – June 1st

Once again it is that special time of the year in the Destiny 2 universe. It’s baking time, talk to Eva Lavante to get your oven and roll up your sleeves coz it’s time to bake some cookies 😀

Gofannon Forge – Now Available !

Our Gofannon Forge carry & recovery service is available starting December 7th. The 2nd Black Armory exclusive forge will feature new unique rewards that can only by obtained by finishing this event. Order your carry or recovery service and let us help you finish the grind 😀

Scourge of the Past – Order Here

Scourge of the Past is the latest Black Armory exclusive raid service. Order your carry or recovery service and let us finish the grind for you. This product will be updated with additional details as we get closer to it’s release December 7th, 3 days after the dlc lands.

Volundr Forge

Hammerhead Machine Gun & Volundr Forge run is now available for purchase. This event is open starting December 4th and requires power level 600+ for completion. If lacking on power levels order your weekly challenges in the other sections available from the main menu to increase it.

hammerhead & volundr forge

Mountaintop – New Black Armory Grenade Launcher

For our first pinnacle weapon we will be offering the Mountaintop grenade launcher. This gun will be the equivalent of the Luna’s Howl and the Redrix’s claymore from the previous 2 seasons. Our Mountainttop carry and recovery service is available with the launch of Black Armory, the 4th Destiny 2 dlc slated to launch December 4th. Although this is a grenade launcher type of weapon, it will not behave like one. Unlike the standard curved (parabolic) trajectory grenade launchers the Mountaintop will behave differently when compared to the other weapons in it’s class.

new service mountaintop

Breakneck – New Gambit Mode Auto Rifle

Breakneck is the new Gambit Mode auto rifle available for purchase here. It should serve as replacement (and hopefully improvement) to the old Bygones from season 4. Featuring a unique weapon perk “Onslaught: This weapon’s rate of fire increases as you stack Rampage” it will be a musthave when dealing with large group of enemies.

breakneck new service

Loaded Question – Vanguard Fusion Rifle

For the first time in Destiny 2 we are getting a Vanguard pinnacle weapon. Order your new Loaded Question fusion rifle and finish all the necessary steps needed by finishing vanguard or nightfall strikes. It features a unique perk named “Reservoir Burst” – When the battery is full, your next burst deals additional damage and causes enemies to explode on death”. Order full completion, or visit the Nightfall section to order your weekly strike completion.

new service loaded
bottom area image additional info

This post will be updated as new weapons and events are introduced in the game. Keep an eye at the top of the page for the header announcements or visit this page to keep up with the new offers available on

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