Best Weapons for Deep Stone Crypt Riad

Today we will be talking about best weapons for Deep Stone Crypt Raid. Which guns are best for PvE and what we thing will be most popular in Beyond Light expansion. Most of this guns are not hard to obtain, which also makes them accessible for anyone.


Divinity is one of the best exotics you can have for massive Raid boss damage. It will help you “mark” the enemy with big blue bubble which will enable auto-crit with each hit on it. Which will enable you or your raid party members make massive bonus damage on big health bar enemies.


Anarchy Grenade Launcher enables players to do big damage on their own. All you need to do with it is fire it at enemy and switch to any other gun you desire and damage per second will continue to go up. Both this weapon and Divinity do not need catalyst to be usable you just need to obtain them and you are good to go.


Witherhoard Grenade Launcher is one of the best crowd control weapons for PvE. With his catalyst that helps you auto-reload weapon while holstered it is even better to use in combo with other guns. Just simply shoot the enemy with WItherhoard fast switch to any other weapon make dmg, then switch back to WItherhoard and it is reloaded for new cycle.


One of the best PvE weapons to use against Arc damage Type enemies. Once you get hit by any type of Arc damage you are charged and you dont spend any ammo, nor you need to reload your weapon. While fully charged and you hold “Fire” button, your shoots also connect all enemies next to your target with chain lightning which deals massive damage. Catalyst for this weapon enables greater range of a weapon, but it is not hard to obtain all you need to do is play with it. Given that Beyond Light main enemy is Fallen, which all use Arc type of damage, this weapon will be one of the best guns for any type of PvE content including Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

Small tip: Any kind of Arc damage can help you get super charged, even your own. So you can probably use some sort of grenade to hit yourself with enough resistance to get super charged and destroy enemies.

Whispers Of the Worm

Whisper of the Worm is one of the biggest DPS sniper rifles in destiny 2. That is why we had to include it in the list. One of the best ranged DPS dealer. We expect to see its return on the scene in the Beyond Light. Only downside is that you have to have catalyst and to get one is painful long process.

Outbreak Perfected

Anyone who uses Outbreak Perfected Knows it’s strong weapon. It’s great PvP with its laser Beam-like focus and ability to essentially drop a mini seeker grenade on headshot kills that finds other enemies. It’s a monster at mob clearing in PvE with its endless headshot nanite swarms. Especially if used in groups where there are more then one of them.

Royale Chase

Royale Chase is new Scout Rifle. Its obtainable trough the season pass therefor its easy to get. This gun comes with the great perks like auto-reload while holstered, or DragonFly which with every precision kill creates an elemental damage explosion. With the help of mode DragonFly can damage enemies in even bigger radius and help you advance even faster. If you are not the fan of that perk you could also roll on that same slot new perk Thresh which allows you with each kill generate small amount of Super energy. Allowing you to use your super even more and deal massive damage at the same time. Combined with the perk Full-auto would make fast killing machine that helps you generate your Super ability. With combination of the Nezarec’s Sin It allows you even faster charging rate since Royale Chase damage type is Void.

Blast Battue

Blast Battue is new Grenade Launcher. In combination with the Royal Chase scout rifle it can help you never lose your ability and super energy, while maintaining high DPS. With the new perk Wellspring it allows you to with each kill, with this weapon, obtain ability energy for the uncharged ability. Meaning you will have more grenades, melee hits or class abilities you will need. Or if you are more of the AOE clearing machine just use perk Chain Reaction which allows you to create elemental explosion with each final blow on enemies. Meaning that each enemy you kill will create chain reaction of elemental explosion to nearby enemies, and if it kills those enemies it spreads out to next one. If used with the Royale Chases Dragonfly you can create 2 biggest AOE killing machines.

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