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There are too many new events in Forsaken, we add them all as they become available but use the main menu for all new offers, this post might not get updated in time. For browsing all new offers simply use the main menu.

With Forsaken DLC opening September 4th, we are introducing new boosting services in both pvp and pve modes. This expansion is meant to be the biggest content wise update in Destiny 2 to date. Although part of the content will be reminiscent of Destiny 1 (especially the new season 4 gun), there will be new weapons and modes never before introduced to the Destiny universe. Exclusive season 4 crucible gun, random weapon rolls, new raid and events, the next DLC is expanding the universe unlike anything else before. In addition to the list above, each class is getting a new super that players are yet to discover and utilize properly in PvP and PvE events. All in all, hopes are really high for this expansion, the wait ends September 4th, read below for details on each new service coming to

forsaken new services

Not Forgotten Carry Service

With the introduction of Forsaken’s new weapons we are now offering Not Forgotten carry and recovery services. This gun is a real PvP god, dominates any encounters, close or long range as long as you have good aim. Obtaining the gun however is not easy, in addition to Legend 0 (5300 glory rank points) and having the Luna’s howl ( we get that for you during the order as well), you need 500 crucible kills with the Luna equipped.

not forgotten

Crucible Season 4 Exclusive Weapon

Opening September 4th we are introduced to a very familiar weapon from the previous Destiny installment – Luna’s Howl. Although Bungie made further tweaks to how glory progression works for season 4, the basics are still the same. Much like the Redrix from season 3, Luna’s Howl will require 2100 points to unlock (Fabled 0 rank). Check our glory boost section and order your Luna’s Howl hand cannon, takes about 4-6 days to complete depending on our schedule and previously queued orders.

crucible season 4 luna

New Forsaken Raid – Last Wish

As part of the content update we are getting a new raid in the heart of the mysterious Dreaming City. The name itself – Last Wish, suggest that we might be facing one of the legendary Ahamkara Dragons, a nearly extinct species that are known to grant wishes to Guardians. Besides the specific raid loot and exploring the new raid, another incentive for grind is the Forsaken newly introduced random weapon rolls. Although the name is self explanatory we will get more details on this with forsaken release. Head over to our Raid Carry/Recov section and order your raid service.

new forsaken raid last wish

Gambit – New PvEvP Event

Gambit is unlike anything else seen before in Destiny 2. Although the previous 2 expansions followed the same new raid/new weapons formula, the Forsaken DLC is broadening the universe in multiple directions both content and gameplay wise. Team up with your friends and gun down waves of Cabal, Taken, Vex, and the newly intoduced Scorn – a mutated version of the Falen. Order your Gambit Carry Service and earn Infamy Rank points as you win games and unlock Gambit exclusive rewards.

gambit carry

Power Leveling & Campaign Completion

As with every new DLC the power level cap will increase again with Forsaken. With maximum level 50 after finishing the new campaign, players will be able to reach power level 600 (gear level) by completing the weekly milestones. Weather you are a new player introduced to the Destiny 2 universe, or coming back from the initial release or one of the previous expansions we got you covered. Campaign completion, weekly milestones, or premade packages, visit the leveling section for more.

power level boosting and campaign services

Ace of Spades

Re-introduced in Forsaken is the very familiar Ace of Spades Hunter exclusive hand cannon that requires an entire questline to unlock. We offer carry and recov service, entire questline, or partial steps depending on your progress. Five invader kills, 25 percission kills in crucible or 250 kills in strike etc, all questlines supported, for custom order not listed here talk to us on live chat.

Ace of spades carry cayde's will

That’s it for this expansion update, although it was a bumpy road so far (cough, CoO, cough) hopes are high for Forsaken. Talk to us on live chat for any questions or setting up custom orders, visit the home page for everything we have to offer in Destiny 2.

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