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General Terms of Use:


Using our services means that you are aware of our terms of use in the following section. If however some of the terms are not acceptable or you demand further explanation you can always contact us for clarification.

Boosting in Destiny 2 is not against Bungie terms of use, although they do not offer such service. We sell boosting, coaching and power leveling, which is untangable goods without the need of shipping.

We do not own in any way or form any of the games we work in, including Destiny 2, full rights and credits goes to the developers and publishers according to their agreement.

Our website www.Destiny2Raiding.com is not affiliate in any way with any of the developers or publishers that worked on Destiny 2.

All our services are completed within the time frames defined before purchase, although in rare occasions we reserve the right to postpone the service due to booster’s real life obligations, large queue of previous orders, or any similar situations.

We also reserve the right to postpone the service due to Destiny 2 servers maintenance, which is technical reason and outside the boundaries of our abilities or control.

As of September 26th 2017 our website does not sell any tangable (physical) goods that need shipping. All services are processed immediately and does not require tracking number or shipping carrier.


Payment and refunds:

Payment type – All payments are done via paypal, and automatically verified by our website internal processing system. Should a payment be put on hold or cancelled we reserve the right to decide not to work with that customer in the future, and issue a full refund.

All work is started after successful payment has been completed. Boosting usually starts within minutes after payment, although in rare occasions it can take up to several hours in case there are not teams available, or servers are down.

Orders can be cancelled (full refund) if both parties ( us as seller, and you as customer ) agree to it before order was started and not placed in queue. If already in queue and booster/team is reserved for the order refunds can be given at 70% of the value of the order. After boosting start we are obligated to finish the order, and request that customers do not login on their account until the boost is finished. If however the boost is not completed within reasonable time customers can always ask for progress update and demand further explanation on the case.

If customers issues a chargeback via paypal without prior notification and alerting us of a problem with the order we will report the paypal account holder, the ip, and any additional info we have on various gaming forums scam sections, and paypal.


Customer rights:

Contact our support chat at any moment using website live chat (preffered), skype or email.

Monitor their progress and get constant updates via in game tracking from another account, talking to the booster personally, or chatting with us on skype/website live chat.

Customers have the right to change their booster if we both believe he is doing a poor job.

Customers have right to comment and post on our offers, rating from 1 to 5 stars depending on how good of a job we did.

Customers have the right to expand their currently starting order, although it might require an additional payment.

Customers have the right to switch the class or entire order without any additional payment if we both believe that the new order will take same amount of time as the original order.

Customers have the right to request coaching, read our guides and tips on how to progress fast in destiny 2. All our knowledge about the game can be found on our blog section.

Customers have the right to request custom orders not listed on our website, and get additional discount if they have used us for a long time. Such discounts can be discussed on case by case basis.


Customer – Booster relations:

Customers have the right to ask for direct contact with our boosters in order to get insights and better understanding of the game.

Customers have the right to demand to play with boosters for any of our offers although it might come at additional price and might require extra time to complete.

Boosters also reserve the right to cancel an order if they believe customer is purposefully trying to make the order hard to finish and doing actions such as loging in during boost, harassing the booster or any other behavior we deem inappropriate.

Customers reserve the right to demand for streamed boosting so they can better understand how we boost each step of the service, as well to make sure that everything goes fast and smooth.


When using our website you agree to abide by these terms of use governed by the laws of the European Union. For our privacy policy visit this page.

Last updated September 14th 2020.


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