Season of Opulence New Services

With the release of  season of opulence June 4th, new PvE and PvP content will be introduced to Destiny 2. All new services will be posted in this section, as we move onward into Season 7 this page will be updated with all the new content. As before, all services will support both on account (recovery) and carry mode (service that does not require account share) across all 3 platforms. Scroll below for all we have to offer, and don’t forget to register prior placing your order to get access to the “Panel Section” and get live progress updates from your personal booster !

Season of Opulence – New Bundles & Misc Orders

Raid Packs, Pinnacle Packs & More. Custom bundled offers with discounts and weekly/daily challenges. Visit the boosting section for more.

new boosting offers

Truth Rocket Launcher – June 11th Release !

A new rocket launcher firing heat seeking projectiles. Excellent for PvE & PvP encounter, full quest and partial steps available for players that already have progress made.

truth service

Tarrabah Recov now available !

Upon popular request we decided to offer “Farm ’till we get it” service for this raid exclusive exotic. Unlike most of the services we did in the past timeframe on this can be a bit random as it is RNG based. Can drop in one week, or can take one month or more to get, we will run raids until it drops !

tarrabah product

Season of Opulence New Pinnacle Weapons

Three new Pinnacle Weapons are introduced with the season’s launch. New sections have been added for the Revoker and the Wendigo Gl3, the Hush however can be found in theold Gambit page.

wendigo gl3
hush bow

Two New PvE Activities – The Menagerie & Crown Of Sorrow

As expected, we will be getting a new raid as we have in all the previous seasons. Although much like the previous raids this will be a 6 man encounter, Bungie left to the players to discover the new achievements and secret rewards available in the raid. The Menagerie however is a completely new 6 player event that will feature it’s own unique rules and gameplay style.

new season of opulence raid
the menagerie

That’s it for this Season of Opulence new services, check this page as new events/items are introduced in the game, it will be updated with every new introduction. For all the previous season services just use the main menu, and remember, it’s never you, but your team that sux ! 😛

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