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Destiny 2 Raid Bundles DISCOUNT!

Order monthly subscription, 3 Raids Package, 3 Characters Package, Flawless Packs and more! Raid bundles as Carry and Recovs for PC, Ps4 and Xbox!

Destiny 2 Raid Bundles Carry and Recovs

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Set in a “mythic science fiction” world, the game features a multiplayer “shared-world” with elements of role-playing games. Players take on the role of a Guardian, protectors of Earth’s last safe city. They wield a power called Light to protect the Last City from different alien races. The Cabal, lead by their emperor, Dominus Ghaul, infiltrate the Last City and strippingl Guardians of their Light. The player sets out on a journey to regain their Light and find a way to defeat Ghaul and his Red Legion army and take back the Last City.

Release date: September 6th 2017 although pc release is October 26th (pc)

Platforms: PS4, X-Box, PC.

Price: 60$

On this page we offer “Destiny 2 Raid” or ” Destiny 2 raiding”. Although “Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid” and more are also available for order. Every available raid in Destiny 2 in this section, however we might add additional services related to raid boost.

Comments (33)

prestige spire done in about 2h from placing the order . A+ as expected using them almost full year now since start.

prestige spire done, started 5 mins after placing the order. AAA price is unbeatable.

2x prestige spire done in under 3h. talked to them prior order to make sure they can start fast. A+ experience, will use on regular

3x prestige spire done for this week. ordering since 2 months back, they are my go to place, cheapest and damn good support.

another spire done for this week, A+++

3x prestige spire done, gave me custom discount as well. used them for the 2nd time now, they are allright 😀

thx again, n1 service, done in 2h from placing the order. support is always there to help !

order done in about hour and a half. will order on next 2 chars tomorrow. A+

All good here, A+ service jsut got email of completion was done overnight on all 3 chars.

order took 2h to start and was done the same day of order. chat was super nice and let me know of the possible delay when i placed the order. all in all it was great experience, cheaper than others as well.

3x raid done, did it same day of order even let me watch live stream. AAA website i am regular 😀

Great service my booster ran normal & prestige back to back in like 4 hrs. I will use this service again

my weekly raid on all 3 classes was finished within 6h of placing the order . AAA service, customer support is top notch, and i watched the order live on stream, this is my go to place for destny 2 when i just dont have the time to do stuff myself

using them for 2 months back pretty much since warmind hit. finished over 10 raid orders for me and i know i will be back in forsaken. keep it up guys !

Damn this teams, prestige mode Spire owned !
Waiting for Forsaken to hire them again

raid done on all 3 chars by the time i got up. hats down to this team, cheapest prices and lighting fast delivery.

last wish raid done. same day completion, cheapest and fastest out there. big respect to my booster Nick and his team, marvelous job guys will come back again.

last wish done, took about 1h for my order to be assigned. i was in touch with my booster through the whole process and was duly informed when it was finished. nice work will use again

Order completed within 3 hours of placing it. Extremely impressed with the service and will gladly use them again

last wish done on all my 3 characters, ordering again this week too, cheapest by far and i love the fact i can talk to my booster directly, i was able to hop in between the 2nd and third run and do my regular afterwork play session. you cant beat this service, A+ on all levels.

Very nice service did the raid for me best booster I have ever met named mjamesoffical 10/10 service

Everything went smooth and clean. Gonna order again!:)

I bought the raid carry where I get to play my own character. We had some issues scheduling the raid at first but after I contacted support they set me up with a new booster and we cleared the full raid in about an hour. The group was really cool and they showed me how to get extra chests even though I did not select that in my order. 10/10

scourge done first week, this is my 2nd order with them. always spot on !

Got a Petra’s Run done by them and it was excellent, booster was great and very honest, definitely will use again when I need to!

Service 1st class. Very good contact between booster and me. Order has been placed and completed at the same day. Nice work

Ordered crown and scourge. Antonio Irene was quick finishing the order up.

gos raid done same day of order. very well done guys will be back for more

gos finished same day of order, very impresive. A+ from me

Very good service. I appreciate what they do. Will use again, and probably again and again ..

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