Trials Adept Weapon Farm

Destiny 2 Boosting services - Trials Adept Weapon Farm as carry & recovs-min

Trials Adept Weapon Farm

Welcome to our Trials Adept Weapon Farm Carry/Recov service for PC, PS and Xbox! We farm till get the amount of roles requested in the order. Offers are per 1 Roll, simply adjust the quantity to obtain more Adept weapons rolls.

The Palindrome

Per Adept Weapon Roll

Shadow Price

Per Adept Weapon Roll

The Swarm

Per Adept Weapon Roll

How its done:

Each Flawless ticket with any passage will get us 1 roll, after that we go for the confidence ticket and deliver one more flawless run. This way you get 2 flawless runs with its rewards along the way. The same goes for the second roll and so on. Most important is to have your weapon in the rewards week for the flawless run, else we cant deliver it.

ETA: 1+ hour per roll


Must have access to Trials of Osiris and Power Level of at least 1300+, the default minimum in Season of Chosen expansion. For those in need of power level increase order raid runs or other similar activities that increase it. For those in need of power level increase order raid runs or other similar activities that increase it.


Trials of Osiris launches r 18th for the Beyond Light expansion and is available every Friday 10 am through Tuesday 10am (PST).

This is what we can do

The following video is a compilation of some of our best plays by our teams. Actual ingame footage of ongoing and past orders. We work with some of the best teams in the world, both US and EU leaderboards, Vol#1 is now live, if you want us to make more of these make sure to comment and follow our youtube channel !

Vol #1

Vol #2 – kind of 😛

Customer Reviews

Sep 12,2021

"Thx for the carry guys, will come back again. Done in an hour, saved me hours of grind and hating on myself :D"

Client: Jakal

Sep 10,2021

"Placed my preorder for this season as with the previous ones, they always deliver, boosters get it done in an hour or so."

Client: NiB

Sep 10,2021

"Run was done in under an hour, as with previous seasons they are top notch."

Client: Cl_Sharp

Feb 22,2021

"thx for the carry, done on all 3 characters same day of order, good stuff"

Client: Jarle

Feb 22,2021

"thx, order done on time, igneous delivered albeit will try again next week for better rolls i guess."

Client: Øystein

Feb 22,2021

"thx for the service, but my order done in 3 h from placing it, gotta get that igneous boi :D"

Client: Jonathan

Feb 22,2021

"thx for the trials carries, got my igneous with range and ramapge. very well done, great prices too"

Client: BB_8Unit

Dec 20,2020

"thx for the carry, will come again."

Client: Jackamo Haar

Dec 20,2020

"thx for the boost, will use again, A+ as always"

Client: Korrie

Dec 20,2020

"Trials done in 3h from placing my order, very good service."

Client: Hitchiker

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