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Beyond Light Shadebinder

Introducing the Shadebinder

This build has been update for the Beyond Light Expansion – Season of the Lost.

With  the ”Beyond Light” Destiny 2 expansion we give you a complete, in-depth guide featuring the best build for the newest Warlock subclass, the Shadebinder. This guide features all of the knowledge necessary for proper utilization of the new elemental power called Stasis, as well as the best build that complements the playstyle.


The Shadebinder’s special ability enables the Warlock to create a large ice staff capable of immobilizing enemies with the power of frost. The Penumbral Blast is a melee skill that allows the Shadebinder to momentarily freeze any enemy it hits. It creates a window of opportunity for a perfect fight or flight advantage, allowing the Warlock to strategically position in battle. The secondary ability is called Shatter Shockwave, where the Warlock sends out a massive shockwave that obliterates any frozen enemies in the vicinity.

Warlock Stasis

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Season of the Lost changes:

The biggest and most important buff to the class is the Middle-Tree Voidwalker, with the biggest buff in Destiny 2 history to date. Handheld Supernova got a 100% increased in damage vs PvE combatants, completely doubling the damage of the spell. The Super Nova Warp was also massively buffed, it deals 73% additional damage to PvE combatants, detonates on cast and most importantly your movement is no longer slowed when charging.

Handheld Supernova is completely the cornerstone of the Warlock subclass right now and it is highly recommended to play around it. Since it is considered a ‘grenade’ there are a lot of mods and exotics that can help you out with improving the consistency and uptime of the grenade.
Recommended Mods and Exotics – Verity’s Brow – Elemental Ordnance Mod – Elemental Charge Mod – Solar Element Charged with Light Mod – Elemental Armaments.

Warlock Stasis Customization

Stasis Warlock

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Stasis delivers a whole new experience to the game, with the newly implemented Aspects and Fragments. Aspects are in-game objects that grant new abilities and effects. These unique augmentations can be found anywhere in the world, and players can use up to two Aspects at a time. On the other hand, Fragments are the less powerful counterpart, and can be slotted within Aspects providing the Warlock with a unique and authentic playstyle.

Same as Aspects, Fragments are psychical items that can be found in the world. It’s important to point out that while Fragments can be shared between each subclass, Aspects are subclass specific and can only be used by the respective subclass. This unique customization opens a huge opportunity for PvE and PvP builds and adds a layer of flexibility for the players.

Stasis Fragment
Stasis Aspects

Best items and builds

The Stag

Dearly Departed – Creates a healing rift upon your death and grants rift energy when you’re critically wounded. This helmet might provide an interesting interaction with the Frostpulse Aspect and send out a freezing shockwave that will freeze nearby enemies and give an advantage to you and your team in sticky situations.

The Stag
Vesper of Radius

Vesper of Radius

Planetary Torrent – Rifts release an Arc Shockwave when cast and Rift energy recharges faster when you’re being surrounded by enemies. This armor enables the player to cast an Arc and a Stasis shockwave from casting a Rift. If the frost effect is prioritized and then the Arc shockwave shatters enemies, this Exotic armor is going to be a formidable force on the battlefield.

Sanguine Alchemy

Blood magic – Weapon kills while standing in rifts pause the rift’s countdown, extending the duration. Further kills extend the length of the pause. This exceptionally useful armor perfectly complements the Stasis mechanic. As enemies are continuously frozen and then shuttered with the Frostpulse Aspect, the Rift’s timer will be extended. Paired up with ability cooldowns, the Cold Snap Grenade and the Penumbral blast, the Rift essentially becomes a spammable skill.

Sanguine Alchemy
No time to Explain

Weapon: No Time to Explain
Aspects: Iceflare Bolts
Fragments: Whisper of Fissure, Whisper of Hedrons

This build is very straightforward, but extremely powerful. It relies on the Coldsnap Grenade, and the effect of NTtE on frozen targets. Whisper of Fissure provides a bigger explosion when killing frozen enemies and the overall damage is boosted by the Whisper of Hedrons. Each and every shatter will provide more grenade energy and cause continuous stasis explosions between the frozen foes.

Combo chain: Coldsnap Grenade, NTtE, Portal


Armor: Necrotic Grip
Aspects: Iceflare Bolts
Fragments: Whisper of Fissure, Whisper of Hedrons

In essence, this build does two things, freezes and poisons enemies with the help of the Penumbral Blast. Each enemy killed spreads the poison and the frost to another enemy, creating a never-ending frozen plague when facing multiple enemies.

Necrotic grip

If you were wondering how can you acquire these exotics or need any kind of assistance go right ahead and check out our Beyond Light section for any kind of help!


Hopefully this guide will help you get a bit more insight of the perks and traits of the new Warlock subclass Shadebinder! This guide is still work in progress and we will update it as soon as the meta in Beyond Light shifts.


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