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Starting October 1st all new Shadowkeep services will be posted with links to their dedicated sections on this page. New raid, pinnacle weapons, exclusive events & everything else planned in the October-December roadmap will be covered here. In addition to the new DLC content, we decided to open a New Light dedicated section for those trying Destiny 2 for the first time. The free version of this game will feature a lot of content from the previous expansions so buckle up new players, you have a lot of catching up to do 😀

Xenophage Quest – Carry & Recov Available !

New exotic machine gun quest is now avaialble. Visit the carry/recov section to claim your gun.

xenophage post image

Festival of the Lost 2019 – Now Open

Timed event available October 29th through November 19th. Grab exclusive event rewards and earn triumphs.

festifal of the lost post image

New Dungeon – Flawless Runs Available !

A brand new Shadowkeep exclusive dungeon also releases October 29th. Order your flawless solo run here.

pit post image

Leviathan’s Breath – New Exotic Bow

A new exotic bow quest step is now available for unlock. We will head over to Banshee 44 and complete all the necessary steps needed for obtaining this weapon.

Iron Banner – Season of Undying

Iron Banner week is once again upon us. New Shadowkeep exclusive armor that requires entire quest chain in addition to tokens farm to complete. Both available for order, order your set here !

iron banner post image

Vex Offensive is Open – Weekly Challenges & God Roll Grind Here !

Four new Vex Offensive event exclusive weapons are entering the Destiny 2 weapons pool. Order your god roll grind and leave the desired perks in the order notes. Full event completion in addition to weekly challenges for powerful gear now available.

vex offensive post

Nightmare Hunts – Essence & Unique NM Mods

Nightmare Hunts section is now open. Select your difficulty and earn powerful rewards in addition to exclusive Nightmare Hunt mods. Carry & recovery supported, all platforms.

nightmare hunts img

NIghtfall: The Ordeal – Four New Nightfall Tiers Now Available

Nightfall Strikes are once again challenging content for end game grinders. Select one of the four, well, three difficulty tiers starting at Hero, Legend & Master difficulty and let us handle the job for you.

nightfall the ordeal

Shadowkeep New Bundles – Get to 950 Power Level Fast

New offers with bundled discounts, pinnacle packs, raid ready gear with raid completion included. Get to 950 power level fast, power leveling packages & more here.

new shadowkeep boosting packages

Season of the Undying – Get lvl 100 Rewards !

A new separate seasonal leveling system is introduced in Season of the Undying. Exclusive seasonal rewards can be earned doing just about any activity. Use the calculator and place your custom level boost.

season of undying power level 1

Garden of Salvation – Order your raid carry service here !

Starting October 5th, a new raid will be available as part of the newly introduced content in the game – Garden of salvation. As with all previous new raids, both carry and on account services will be available for the raid. Challenges & additional raid exclusive rewards will be posted in the raid section.

garden of salvation carry post image

New Shadowkeep Weapons

Death Bringer Grenade Launcher – Order Here


Divinity – New Raid Exclusive Trace Rifle

divinity blog post

Le Monarque – Now Available

le monarque
optative post image

(non exotic) Sacred Provenance – God Roll Grind now available !

sacred provenance service

New Pinnacle Weapons – Ritual Guns Now Available !

We are expecting another trio of pinnacle weapons (rebranded to ritual weapons) to be available on season’s start. Gambit, Crucible & Nightfall guns are now available for order, get the one you need here, or visit the shadowkeep boosting section to order the pinnacle bundle at a discounted price.

Randy’s Throwing Knife – New Crucible Scout Rifle

randys knife carry

Exit Strategy – New Gambit Submachinegun Order Here

exit strategy

Edgewise Machine Gun Vanguard Ritual Weapon


New Season of the Undying – How is the content split ?

Besides the new content introduced in Shadowkeep, a new season will also launch October 1st – the season of the Undying. For the forseeable future Bungie decided to offer two parallel contents, one with the start of every new DLC, and additional content for Season Pass purchases (which will cost an extra 10$), with the exception of this new season. You will get all Bungie has to offer with simple purchase of Shadowkeep including the seasonal pass content.

Following the Roadmap

This page will constantly be updated as new content is introduced on our website. To get a better idea on timeframes for all future events, Bungie just recently released the full roadmap for Shadowkeep. All new events will be covered here.

full roadmap support

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Any chance I can be part of this team? I would loved to help with recoves!

Any chance I can be part of this team? I would loved to help with recoves

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