Destiny 2 Boost on PC

Destiny 2 Boost coming on PC October 24th !

With Destiny’s 2 PC release October 24th we are opening the last platform available for boosting !


Destiny 2 boost pc

Power Level Boost – Cheap and fast !

With its initial pc release we will be offering power level boost from day one ! Specifically tailored for new players, the boosting section offers boost with story completion and exotic weapons of choice. Order one of the power level packages, 260, 280 and 300 power level, or simply pick boost per hour. Both 260 and 280 offers take no more than a few days to complete, although the 300 power level package needs one ore two weekly resets due to the amount of experience needed.

power level boost on pc

Coming Soon

Raid Boost on PC

The console version had Raid open two weeks after the initial release, but we might see the Leviathan raid open much sooner. Although no dates have been announced yet, once the Leviathan Raid opens on pc it will be available for purchase in our Raid Boost section. It will require minimum 270 power level, but we might be able to squeeze you in a well geared team with a power level 265 if you got descent gear.

order raid boost on pc

PvP Boost

Much like the Raid, Trials of the Nine and Iron Banner should come later into the release. Whereas Trials of the Nine is a competitive PvP mode the Iron Banner is more casual and the rewards are unlocked without the need to finish a 7-0 flawless run. Both require the skills and the weapons needed for this mode, if still not sure on what gear to use make sure to visit our Best PvP Weapons section.

order pvp boost on pc

See ya in game Guardian !

That’s it for today’s announcement, stock up on energy drinks and get ready for October 24th. We do anything Destiny 2 Related ! If you think we missed some on the important stuff message us for custom orders, we will try to offer fair custom price and rough estimate on completion !

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