Beyond Light Best Build for Hunter Revenant – Destiny 2 Guide

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Hunter Revenant

Introduction to the Beyond Light Hunter Revenant subclass:

Welcome to our Beyond Light build for Hunter Revenant guide.
The newest update for Destiny 2: Beyond Lights introduces 3 subclasses for Warlock, Titan and Hunter.
All of them with their respective names Warlock Shadebinder, Titan’s Behemoth and Hunter Revenant.
This guide will teach you the fundamentals of the class learn about the Revenant, a new ninja type subclass for hunters that can summon storms in which the enemies will be lured only to be met by the utter devastation the Hunter will unleash upon them. They get a new weapon called The Kama Blade – a giant ice pick ready to strike down your enemies with freezing power.

New additions with the Hunter Revenant Subclass:

The newest Super the Hunters get is called Silence and Squall and it works similar to the Blade Barrage Super. The Revenant leaps upwards and throws the Kama Blade,
the first Kama unleashes a freezing wave wherever it lands, freezing enemies in place.

As the Blade Barrage the second Kama hits shortly after the first one and spawns a deadly ice storm wherever it lands.
The winds track and show you the location of your enemies, slowing and damaging them during.

This super allows the Hunter to decide which group of enemies should you deal with first.
You can also use both attacks on the same spot causing both CC and damage to the same group.

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Silcence & Squall

Same as the other two brother subclasses, the Hunters have a melee override ability. Withering Blade is a new Statis shuriken for Hunters.
Whenever used it bounces between enemies, dealing damage and slowing any enemy it hits. An enemy hit by two Withering Blades will frozen for some duration.

In case you missed it in Beyond Light players can slot up to two Aspects in ther Statis tree.
These Aspects offer unique effects and change different aspects of the subclass.

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Withering Blade

Hunter Revenant Aspects

Shatterdrive: Hold dodge mid-air. Activate while midair to quickly descend and shatter nearby targets on impact.
Slow Dodge: Slow nearby enemies whenever you perform a dodge.


The slow after dodge is the key element of the upcoming slow builds for hunters – making this Aspect the choice you would want to go for. Check for the Recommended Equipment below for explanation of the build.

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Shatterdive


Whisper of Hedrons: Gain a bonus to weapon damage after freezing a target with Statis.


Hunter Revenants are getting new 3 Statis grenades and it seems all subclasses have the same grenade options:

Glacier Grenade: Upon contact with the ground, a wall of Statis crystals instantly burst from the earth and nearby enemies are frozen inside the Statis crystal.
These grenades have multiple uses – from encasing enemies to creating cover.
When destroyed the crystals will create AoE burst damage to nearby enemies.

Coldsnap Grenade: Upon impact with the ground or an enemy, this grenade unleashes a wave of Statis energy that races along the ground in the direciton of the closest nearby enemy,
freezing them and then searching out the nexet nearby foe. You can freeze up to three enemies with a single Coldsnap Grenade.

Duskfield Grenade: Duskfield Grenades create powerful Statis fields that suck enemies into them when forming. Once an enemy is caught inside, they will be slowed and, if unable to make it out of time frozen in place.

Beyond Light Destiny 2 Hunt Abilities

Recommended Equipment:

It is foreseen that the Slow Dodge Aspect Hunter build is going to be the best one and these are the items we highly recommend you should use.

Gemini Jester – As always, the perfect fit for every Hunter out there.
The Misdirection trait they have that causes you to disorient nearby enemies everytime you dodge – it is self explanitory, the slow you cause whenever dodging will simply make you use dodge correctly and more often
It is a killer must have combo that work great for PvP or PvE.

The Bombardiers – Is a more offensive leg armor piece that has the perk Parting Gift causing you to leave an explosive behind you after you dodge meaning they will be slowed and can not avoid it.
If you wan’t to spice things up simply use these exotics! Often used in PvP as a final melee finisher if you have to reload.

Frost-EE5 – Beyond Light is on the frozen wasteland on Europa, of course these boots are recommended!
Having the perk Rapid Cooldown that increases your sprint speed whenever you dodge and also increases your grenade, melee and dodge regeneration when sprinting.
Generally very underrated exotic, if you have it already don’t forget to try it out.

The Sixth Coyote – This chest armor has the simple trait called Double Dodge.
What more needs to be said? You gain a second dodge charge, clearly quite good combined with any of the above leg armors and your slow dodge perk as a Revenant!

Le Monarque – A combat bow that has poison arrows if you fire after a full draw on your already frozen/slowed targets makes it a vialbe option.
And Precision hits will be even easier to land making it a good AoE damage over time variant.

Witherhoard – And of course Witherhoard, this hard to use weapon is the best disrespect for your enemies that cant move. Simply few ticks of its Blight damage will annihilate them.

Click on the pictures above to zoom them.

If you were wondering how can you acquire these exotics or need any kind of assistance go right ahead and check out our Beyond Light section for any kind of help!


Hopefully this guide will help you get a bit more insight of the perks and traits of the new Hunter subclass Revenant!

This guide is still work in progress and we will update it as soon as the meta in Beyond Light shifts.

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