The Iron Banner Explained

The Iron Banner is coming to Destiny2raiding


With its release set for October 10th 2 am Pacific time, we are getting a brand new content from Bungie this Tuesday. Lasting for an entire week, the first reset will hit October 17th and will feature a brand new armor for each class, the Titan, Hunter and Warlock.

Destiny 2 iron banner new armor types

What’s new ?

Unlike in the previous Destiny game, the first Iron Banner type will be control, where two teams of four players will duck it out in the open. Power level will not be a factor when doing the iron banner. It is completely disabled and there is no benefit to be gained whatsoever. Although hardcore gamers will not reap the benefits of their hard work, it seems Bungie is once again aiming for the casual filth, which is kinda understandable since they are the major part of their community 😀

Another addition to Destiny 2 Iron Banners is the Iron Banner Engram which will replace the Bounties and Ranks. leveling your Iron Banner vendor will grant you unique gear that can only be purchased from this new vendor.

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pvp boost section

How do i access the Iron Banner ?

Well fist you need to have the campaign complete in order to reach the tower. Visit Lord Saladin and begin the Iron Banner Quest. Additionally you need to fight in the iron banner playlist featuring quick modes and matchmaking.

The Rewards

Unlike in Trials of the Nine 7-0 runs, winning isn’t everything here. Simply playing the Iron Banner will grant you with iron banner tokens, you will get some regardless if you win or lose, although the rewards are higher when winning a match. There will also be Daily and Season milestones that will track your progress – we should get more info on seasons in the following weeks. As a final reward you get the new Iron Banner forged armor that is exclusive to this mode alone.

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