New Boosting Packages Custom Orders

New Boosting Packages


Today we are introducing three New Boosting Packages – Custom Orders to get your new Guardian class back on track !


Starting Package 1-20 Level Boost !


Cheap and fast, the starting package offers a quick boost on your new class you wanted to try ! Order is done within 24 Hours or less, and requires account sharing. After we are finished with this order your character will hit around power level 180-200 and have story mode unlocked. Crucible quest and one exotic weapon of choice ( Mida, Sturm or The Rat King) are also available for purchase, although the Rat King is a bit more time demanding and requires additional 29.99$.

All boosting is done 100% by hand. Our boosters are located in EU and US although we work globally with boosters from any country that meats our criteria. Starting Package is now available for purchase in our Boosting Section under custom orders.

starting boosting package level 1-20

Power Level 260 Boost

power level boost 260 custom package


Everything that the starting package offers and more ! Gear upgrades, story completion and higher power level. After we are finished you will have better equipped gear and hit power level 260 ( usually higher). PvP quest is also completed so get ready to hit the crucible and make that flawless 7-0 run !

Exotic items of choice are available for selection, and also have a better chance to get an extra armor exotic slot as a random drop although not guaranteed. Hit the boosting section from the main menu and check out the details.


Power Level 300 Boost – High End Boosting

For our final boosting offer for today we included the Power Level 300 Boost. At the moment this is the biggest boosting package we are doing. Timeframe for this completion is more than a week as we will need at least 2 weekly resets, so depending on milestones availability and current starting gear the timeframe can vary. Make sure to contact us prior order if you already have some progress, we will offer discount depending on the state of your character.

Unlike the previous two packages here you get all 3 exotic weapons, in addition to better gear in each slot and power level 300. Considering the longer timeframe, we decided to offer free login during the boost to check progress, play with friends or w/e rides your boat 😀

power level 300 boost package-min
New Boosting Packages Custom Orders

All 3 offers are now available for purchase. Check out our Boosting Section for details, or head over to our Raiding and PvP pages for other services.

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