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With the release of Forsaken we had a couple of goals set ahead of us in terms of improving the experience of anyone using our services. We realized that getting the Redrix’s Claymore in season 3 (and now the Luna) was inconvenience to some players as they wanted to play every now and then between our boosting sessions. This was extremely difficult for us, managing everyone’s playing hours on a case by case basis (especially when they wont stick to their playing hours left in notes) proved challenging to say the least. We also knew that something had to be done about this, when someone decides to  use our services our goal is to not interfere with customers play hours as much as we can, and yet finish each order on time. Well, we designed the Panel section to support fully customized orders. Get in touch directly with your booster and communicate regarding your playing hours ( please try to compromise though, glory boosting orders can only be done with full stack team, so if you plan to play during our clans play hours expect delays on the service).

seperateor bottom

Why did we do this ?

Although short orders such as Gambit wins, Raids, or public events take no more than an hour or more to complete, big orders especially the newly introduced Luna’s Howl, and it’s big brother Not Forgotten are time demanding. We know how important it is for people to play in between sessions, if someone was planing to order 7-10 days of glory boost for Legend 200, they would have to pick between getting the gun, or getting their weekly challenges done. Now you can have both, if you plan to play during each ongoing order simply talk to your booster on the panel and try to communicate your plans for the day/week and so on.

Current features and upcoming improvements

With today’s launch, chat box and progress screenshots are available on the panel. First and foremost you have to be registered to use the panel, do not checkout as guest. As this is the first iteration of this system we will work in the coming weeks to address any bugs, implement new options and tools for customers. The panel is located on this link, you get access after registering and placing order:

My Panel

Use the panel for chat and progress screenshots, in case there are some problems with the order talk to us on the live chat (the panel booster is always a different person from the sales chat support, so if any problems with booster notify us directly). Any bugs or additional features you would like to see make sure to bring it to our attention, we are planing to have a full version with twitch stream section, raidreport and destinytracker reports on the page. Oh and that guy below, no he doesn’t work with us anymore 😀

chat example

That’s it for this version of this dashboard, visit the raid section for Last Wish, we downed Riven just a few days ago, full raid and specific areas farm supported. Check the main menu for everything else we have to offer.

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Just placed an order for the last 11 calculated trajectory medals on mountain top quest cos I was losing the will to live.

I placed an order for glory points hoping I will get my recluse quest finished on PS4 🙂

I placed an order for final step on the thorn and they pleased me I will use them again soon

I’m hyped. But u can plan wenever u want. I don’t get on when i place an order.

After somewhat of a struggle I am looking forward to finally getting my order completed.

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