New Prestige Nightfall Strike Loot March 27

Today we are getting a new Prestige Nightfall Strike Loot launching March 27th as part of some of the bigger changes that Bungie is planning for Destiny 2 this year. It was a long awaited update which hopefully will turn things around for the Destiny 2 community, as well as bring new people to the game.

How to get new Prestige Nightfall Strike Loot ?

The Arms Dealer, Pyramidion, The Inverted Spire, we will get a new loot with each week’s nightfall strike rotation which can only be obtained through these activities. You will not be able to acquire the new weapons in Raid, public events or during leveling.

Completing Nightfall Strike with your friends is your only way to obtaining the new nightfall loot. In addition to the regular armor and weapon drops, coming with March 27th players will have a small chance to get that new exclusive armor or weapon drop. Much like the previous Destiny installment, the drops are not guaranteed and people will be required to grind and finish multiple instances of the strike before getting the new loot.

New Weapons & Armor added to our shop !

For those of you who simply don’t have the time or the group to farm the exclusive new loot, this is where we come in ! Order you Destiny 2 new items below, order is done on account and requires several nightfall strike completions as the drop is not 100% guaranteed ( we will know more in details after the first few days ). Order includes as many Nightfall Strike runs needed until we get the item ordered, we are confident it will be doable within a few days but will have details after March 27th.

Silicon Neuroma Sniper – Order Here

silicon neuroma

Unknown Weapon 2 – Opens April 4th !

unknown nightfall strike weapon 2

Unknown Weapon 3 – Opens April 11th !

unknown nightfall strike weapon 2

Feeling Lucky? Order your Prestige Nightfall Strike Boost Service !

As an alternative we are also offering paying per run, our team consist of players that played the previous Destiny installment in addition to Destiny 2. We were some of the first teams to finish Prestige Raid when it became available, and it was no different with Strikes. Prestige mode is usually done with modifiers x2 in order to further increase the drop chance, so rest assured we will do everything we can to maximize the drop chances.

Prestige Nightfall Scoring now available !

As we get more info after March 27th we will update this page with details on each item. As far as we know items will be limited to one per Nightfall strike, meaning 8 new armor/weapon pieces that will be added to Destiny 2. Although Bungie was quiet and sort of underdelivering on the game in the past few months, they promise a big revamp to the itemization and are now introducing the Nightfall Strike scoring system. It evaluates players based on their performance in the strike and how fast they finished it. All in all, Bungie is looking really promising with the new updates they introduced so far, lets just hope they will keep it up with this tempo and introduce additional Prestige Raid loot in addition to the Prestige Nightfall Strike loot !

new prestige nightfall strike loot

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