Not Forgotten Carry & Recov Service

Use the Calculator for custom price (Luna Quest Supported).

With the introduction of Forsaken’s new weapons we are now offering Not Forgotten carry and recovery services. The calculator supports Luna Howl kills & glory points boost for unlocking the gun. If you only need luna kills however use the section at the bottom, do not order 1 glory point and 300 Luna kills on the calculator. The price is lower for the kills on it because we usually use the gun to get to 5450 anyway so we don’t charge for it as much.

Glory Rank Boost








Total Points Ordered :

5 $ 

Not Forgotten – Full 5450 Glory Points & Luna 300 Kills Quest

not forgotten carry service

Full Not Forgotten Service

Getting the Luna’s Howl, the 300 Luna kills and Legend Rank with 5450 points total.

Luna’s Howl Kills

Use this product and enter quantity for number of luna kills, eg: if already have 100 completed enter 200 (need 300 for full quest).

Full order here, use this product if you are Guardian 0 or close to it, all quest steps completed in addition to glory rank Legend 0. Talk to us on live chat for availability and setting up custom play hours. Once on checkout page make sure to leave that in order notes, we will try to play around your schedule as much as we can. If got any more questions or problems regarding the purchase talk to us on live chat, we offer alternative payment methods besides paypal.

This is what we can do !

The following video is a compilation of some of our best plays by our teams. Actual ingame footage of ongoing and past orders. We work with some of the best teams in the world, both US and EU leaderboards, Vol#1 is now live, if you want us to make more of these make sure to comment and follow our youtube channel !

Vol #3  

Vol #2 

Vol #1

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Customer Reviews

Apr 27,2020

"Amazing service. Bought full GOS completion + Divinity. Started in less than 10 min and completed really fast. 10/10 would reccommend."

Client: Dietsnapplebtw

Apr 18,2020

"best place to get your trials done. AAA teams"

Client: Rohtis

Apr 17,2020

"Shout out to Andrew, great communication and service. Ty!"

Client: xlopez96

Apr 14,2020



Apr 04,2020

"my weekly runs were done in a few hours on all 3 classes. as always great job, keep it up guys !"

Client: Janicki

Apr 04,2020

"best place to get ur weekly flawless runs. A+ on the price as well,"

Client: kaide

Apr 02,2020

"best place to get ur trials done, cheapest by far. making another 3x order this friday."

Client: Mihail

Apr 02,2020

"thx used them the past 2 years on and off. as always they never disapoint."

Client: JackieJo

Apr 01,2020

"This destiny service is amazing. I have used the service multiple times For several of the raids and PvP stuff. I have yet to be disappointed. Chezus was my primary booster and for all of the purchases he communicated with me very well and got the job done fast. The other boosters used were just as good. I have recommended this service to several people and will continue to do so as long the excellent service remains intact."

Client: OfficerBacon

Mar 25,2020

"Basically wished to say Now i am grateful that i happened on your internet page."

Client: BrianDub


Very simple, we login and win games for you till we get Not Forgotten (~2-3 days for 5450 pts). Order streamed service to watch progress live and learn from some of the best teams around !

Hehe, good question. We are working in Destiny 2 since it’s release, we never failed an order before. Our teams finished over 1k orders since the release, when it comes to boosting we know what we are doing 😀

We work globally, our boosters are mostly Europe and USA based so the prime working hours start from 5-6 pm CET for eu, and about the same for USA time zones. Talk to us via live chat prior order to make sure about exact starting timeframes.

As with all our Destiny 2 service, refunds are approved only if service was not started or placed in queue. Small delays of an hour or two shouldn’t be of any alarm or concern, in a very rare occasion that all teams are busy and order cannot be started right away we might consider to add some extra service for the extended delay.

Paypal is our default payment gateway, meaning you can use any currency (it will auto conver to $). For bigger orders or alternative payments such as Western Union or BTC contact us on live chat.

Our website uses latest SSL security technology (you can check this in the url). ALl account info provided is as safe as it can be. In addition to encryption your info is only handled by the teams that play the game, no third party gets access to it except for the teams working on the order.

Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. On this page we offer Glory Rank Boost, Not Forgotten carry & recovery service .

Comments (33)

Boosters name was Okimak, did an amazing job. 2 day estimated time for 2100~ glory to legend and he finished it over night. Legend 🙂

Done in less than 5 days, would definitely recommend

Wonderful service, would recommend for somebody who doesn’t have a lot of time to grind things out. Streamer was very skilled and knew what he was doing. Thank you for the assistance.

How to describe the service ? –> Pick any two of the below :


10/10 🙂 Would recommend them to everyone, everywhere and everytime.

How long does it take for recovs to start?

Jani was professional and communicated very well and met all timelines we set. Excellent service. Thank you for the help.

Requested a booster since I don’t get a lot of time to commit to the grind on this. Also, not a lot of players between LFG nor clan can dedicate what’s required as well. Solo queued and started above Fabled before I locked in, and in two days Legend was hit. Shout out to my booster for doing a fantastic job in knocking this out. I know time varies but this was done in two days out of the projected 4. I play PvP all the time and for those who feel that they could attain the weapon but lack in both fireteam and their commitment, or those who’re sick of looking through LFG, these guys will get it done.
My booster was very good about communication in the short two days, and we easily had a schedule figured between playing since I’m usually on from when I wake up for a good few hours until I have to go and adult.
Thanks guys!

Everything went really well! I got my NF in record time! super happy about the way they handled everything and I would definitely recommend you guys give them a shot!

got my not forgotten in about 5 days from placing my order. allgood, never doubted them a minute. my booster updated me daily on his progress, enjoyed the streams as well.

These guys are Awesome thank you I would definitely recommend

10/10 would use your services again if something is just out of reach for me. Very friendly and trustworthy service and enjoyable watching the pvp content whenever they streamed. I would highly recommend to others. Very quick and efficient because my order was completed days before the predicted deadline.

Amazing service.

These guys are always responsive via chat. The boosters are also very responsive keeping you up to date with everything they are doing.

Love it, will definitely recommend this service to others in my clan

Made it to 5K glory and honestly could not bear the thought of comp anymore. Decided to use NF service. Some concern in the beginning because a team was not immediately assigned, but that’s to be expected on the final day before the end of the season. Live chat folk were simply the best people. They really strive to get you your order to their best of the ability. Response time is unbelievably fast. The team I was assigned got the job done quickly. This option is definitely one to consider should the burden of comp become too unbearable. Best decision I made.

Absolutely stellar service. Helpful when you’re a bit burnt out from grinding and don’t want to get that last stretch of glory points. Being able to contact someone on the support team any time is great if you’re a bit nervous about having people on your account. Definitely will be back if I need any help in the future.

I placed my order yesterday and today its allready finished. Very nice and good boosters and very efficient. He only lost 1 or 2 games and i think that is pretty awsome

Crazy efficient, would recommend if u have spare money got my order done over a weekend, seriously incredible pvpers

god teams, i didnt even knew this kind of play is possible i watched my booster live on twitch. unbeleivable skill, only later he told me he was top 10 leaderboard in his region. simply unbeleivable play.

got the gun, nice and simple and cheaper than others. my booster destroyed 80% of his matches they really know what they are doing. value service right here 😀

got my gun today, i am so happy 😀 used d2tracker for progress every day and was enjoying the casual stream from my booster from time to time. my kd also took a big spike since they took over, got way more than i paid for 😀

honest opinnion here:
start took about 6h from placing the order of which i was not happy, this was my first time using anything like this and i paid a lot of money for nf. that being said they assured me on chat that sometimes this is normal because of the nature of this order, being high glory boost and all. 2nd day from placing the order i already saw progress on d2tracker and it felt like things are going as they should. booster took a day off for some pve activities 4th day into the order which i was ok with coz i wanted to play anyway. after hitting mythic things came to a stall, my original booster said his team decided to take a few days break from pvp which came as a surprise to me as chat told me they work till they get the job done. after reaching out they reassigned another booster for me which got the job done after 2 days. altho it was a bumpy road i got my gun in about 11-12 days with 2 days of break in total. all in all considering the nature of this order and how difficult it is to get to top leaderboard for the nf id say i am happy in the end, althought things could move a bit faster i guess.

I ordered the luna first, thats how i found out about this website. they got it for me in about 4 and a half days. fast forward 2 weeks in i realized i prolly will never get not forgotten on my own. although my previous booster for the luna was not available at the moment they quickly assigned another member of their team which got me to legend in about a 9 days. although the boost took a bit longer than anticipated i got no complaints, they did their part and thats all that mattered to me 😀

legit service, ordered after my friend “miraculously” got his not forgotten in about 12 days of straight pvp. at least he was honest enough to tell me about these guys. they really do their part, i am both ashamed and happy to admit that i used them to get my gun 😀 i made peace that i wont be able to get this on my own even before season 4 hit 😀 Ton of gratitude to you guys, really hats down, worth every penny of it.

Just received my Not Forgotten. My booster communicated with me the whole way. They were willing to work around my specified hours (I needed to hop on and relieve stress occasionally ^_^). But despite that they took me from Brave all the way to max rank, plus all the quest steps, in less than 8 days. I highly recommend them if you are looking into getting this service done. I personally didn’t elect to ask for streaming, but I bet that would have been relatively little hassle.

I purchased my order for Not Forgotten on October 5th and it took 10 days to finish. There were 2 days where my booster, Aqarz, got 1000+ points. Things slowed down after hitting Mythic, but that’s to be expected.

I’m very happy with the service and I will be using this site in the future and will be requesting the same booster, if possible.

got not forgotten today after a 9 days ordeal, i already had the luna. love the fact i could hop in between session and play, really great job by my booster. will use them again in future really AAA experience.

these guys got me Lunas in 2 days and are moving on to Not forgotten. awesome service!

Just logged in and picked up the Not Forgotten! Team is very good at PVP and wins 99 percent of games! Panel was not working which stinks but support team was great and got in contact with booster for me. Overall great experience! Thanks guys!!

sry panel was down for maintenance but as of today is back up again. you can once again talk to ur booster and get live updates 😀

yup, waited on my friend first to finish his order as he told me about them, and ordered once they were close to finish on his. i can honestly say they do their part, and do it well. progressed about 700-800+ points per day, and a bit less than that after 4k but that is understandable. the booster even streamed for free for me every now and then when i asked him to.

The Team was great. Even with Bungie “matchmaking ” they were able to beat the other top players to help me get the not forgotten.
Would honestly recommend there service.

Thank you Team.

honest opinion here: used them in season 3 they delivered within a week from purchase. took em about 5 days to get from fabled 0 to legend 200. i can honsetly say they never cease to amaze me, their pvp team is from another world. gg guys !

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