Exodus Crash Guide Nightfall Strike

 Exodus Crash Guide Nightfall Strike


For the third week of Destiny 2 release we are bringing you the Exodus Crash Guide Nightfall Strike. Preceded by “The Arms Dealer” and “Inverted Spire”, Exodus Crash is the third strike released by Bungie, and is a real challenge to accomplish compared to the previous two. Get two more teammates, and buckle up, this strike is one hell of a ride !

Exodus Crash Guide Nightfall Strike

First Objective – Track Fallen through Arc pulses.

Split the team, one should aim for the blue arc pulses and inspect them, while the rest clear out enemies and destroy anomalies. It is important to do all three. Everyone should be assigned on different task, time works against you so the team must be efficient at what they are doing. Don’t forget the enemies either, ignore them and they will gun you down.

Be careful, the anomalies although abundant at the beginning, are scarce during the final stages of this strike. You fill find a few more in the dark room but make sure you pickup the pace as you get closer to completion.

Restorative Light – Your source of recovery.

What makes this strike unique and difficult is the recovery penalty. It takes much longer to regenerate while doing this Exodus Crash event. The restorative light is a cone looking… light, that drops from enemies as you kill them 😀 Hugging corners and hiding from enemies to regenerate health wont work in this strike, you will simply lose too much time and fail to finish it. Instead engage enemies face to face and pickup up the light cones !

destroy anomalies 30 sec-min
restorative light

Analyse the fallen Device and defend the ghost.

Clear out the area and analyse the fallen device. After the ghost spawns in that area you must stay there and defend it ! This is where point defense abilities shine. Make sure you have a Titan in your team that will summon shields and hold the ground. You wont progress in this event unless people hold their ground. Use weapons that are effective in medium distance combat, and open both eyes. Enemies will swarm you from everywhere and try to contest the point. After finishing the event mount your sparrow and sprint to the next area !

analyse the fallen device

Defeat the Fallen Walker.

Here you focus on the walker, there are no anomalies. Suggested weapons for this phase are boss killers that have high single target damage output, check out our exotics armory if you think you need upgrades. Weapons like Merciless and Coldheart will perform well in this stage, focus all fire on the walker and gun him down fast. If your super is fully charged, this is where you wanna use it.

defeat fallen walker

Explore the exodus Black’s Aft.

Unlike the previous encounter with the Fallen Walker, you will find a lot of anomalies here. Destroy them all and get that extra time you need. Watch out for side areas and fully explore the dark room and make sure you don’t miss out on any. Enemies are not that important in this area, one player should take care of them, while the other two explore and hunt down for the anomalies.

Defeat Thaviks, the Depraved.

The last area of this strike, kill Thaviks the Depraved and finish the strike. The way we do it us clump up on the top area and hold ground. Open shields and aim from distance is the strategy that worked for us, although is not mandatory. Engage him on site, and don’t ignore the rest. Again, single target dps weapons are best suited for this scenario, you need boss killer weapons such as Merciles and other similar rifles.

Exodus Crash Guide Nightfall
defeat thaviks use top side

Check out this awesome video on how each phase should go !

That’s it for this  Exodus Crash Guide Nightfall Strike.

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