Leviathan Raid New Loot

Destiny 2 Leviathan raid new loot


So apparently we are going to get different new loot from the Leviathan Raid. Previously presumed to be prestigious mode only drops, the new Midnight Coup legendary Hand Cannon and the “Alone as a God” legendary sniper have been added to the loot drop table for this week’s Leviathan Raid completion.

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Midnight Coup – Legendary Hand Cannon

midnight coup new Destiny 2 hand cannon

First off the PvE Midnight Coup hand cannon. “Light weight frame” intrinsic property allows players to move faster when having this weapon equipped. Excellent for managing tight corner situations and chasing down opponents. Barrel “Smallbore” grants this weapon an increase in range and stability, making it viable at mid range combat similar to most exotic hand cannons. If keen on engaging enemies from afar you should pick the third barrel option, the “Extended Barrel” gaining additional increase in range. What makes this hand canon really shine in PvE though is the “Rampage” trait. Killing enemies temporarily increase your damage, stacking up to three times – so ramp it up by one shooting psyons, then engage the higher health enemies. Finally, the “Outlaw” trait increases the reload time when achieving a precision kill.

Leviathan Raid new loot

Before we move on with the next weapon, lets compare it to the two most popular hand cannons in Destiny 2 at the moment. Although slightly lacking in impact damage and range when compared to “The Old Fashioned” and “Better Devils”, The Midnight Coup wins in handling, reload speed, features a better aim assist and a few extra bullets in the chamber.

Alone as a God – Leviathan Raid new legendary sniper

alone as a god leviathan raid new legendary sniper

For our second addition to this week’s leviathan raid new loot  we have the “Alone as a God”. Its unique property Triple tap –  Rapidly landing precision hits will return 1 round to the magazine from reserves makes it extremely potent boss killer. Although not as powerful as it was in Destiny 1 where you would just get extra bullets added to your entire ammo, this is the most noteworthy feature of the sniper rifle. This weapon is all about precision and taking down bosses. Aim for Emperor Calus weak area ( head and chest ) and get as many “free” shots as you can. Although awesome in PvE (especially boss scenarios) this weapon has its advantage in PvP as well when compared to the previous new hand cannon. Its trait “Spanshot Sights” allows you to aim down enemies much faster than you would with your average sniper rifle.

An overall well balanced sniper, definitely usable in PvE scenario such as Raids, with a descent boss kill potential.


That’s it for this week’s leviathan raid new loot. For more on the Leviathan Raid read our Guide or order your Leviathan Raid boost now 😀

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