best leviathan raid weapons

Best Leviathan Raid Weapons

Boss Killers & AOE weapons.

The first Destiny 2 Raid – Leviathan launched September 16th, and it has a lot to offer. Going through the raid and ultimately beating emperor Calus is no easy task. You need at least power level 270-275 and most important of all – the right gear ! We will start off right at the end, the boss fight. What are the best boss killer weapons in Destiny 2 ?

Merciless – Best Boss killer in Destiny 2

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best leviathan raid weapons merciless

Tested and confirmed over dozen of raids completed in our first week, Merciless is THE BEST Boss killer in the game. Its single target damage output is unmatched throughout all weapon categories.


Intrinsic Property – Conserve Momentum

Non-lethal hits with projectiles make this weapon charge faster until its wielder gets a kill. Aim for the boss, and nothing else, the player equipped with this weapon should not focus on the trash mobs surrounding your team. Killing an enemy or reloading will cause you to lose the extra damage benefit. Combine this weapon with Hunter’s dodge reload, or Titan’s rally barricade to get maximum damage output.

Trait – Impetus
Reloading immediately after a kill increases damage for a short time. Before starting to dishout damage to Calus, make sure to kill some of it’s minions first to get that sweet damage buff. Remember, don’t lose the boss target after the first kill, it will cause you to lose your ramped up damage stacks.

Magazine – Extended Mag
This weapon has greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower. A necessary adjustment to this weapon in order to make it viable. Focusing Calus can drain your ammo in a matter of seconds, so having that extra magazine size does come handy.

Barrel – Chambered Compensator
Stable barrel attachment helps with stability and recoul, allowing you to aim better and make sure all hits land in Emperor Calus weakpoints.

Stock – Fitted Stock
This weapon is heavier than your average rifles, and more stable. It offers increased recoil control however decreases handling speed.

Other notable mentions in the Destiny 2 Boss Killers category are the Coldheart exotic energy trace rifle or if you are planing on using a sniper the Borealis is an obvious choice (PS4 exclusive sniper).

coldheart destiny 2 boss killer 1
borealist destiny 2 boss killer

Area of Effect Weapon – The Wardcliff Coil

wardcliff coil destiny 2 best aoe weapon

This is a real monster when the fight comes down to clearing huge pack of enemies. The Wardcliff Coil does the job flawlessly. Jump into the air before firing to maximize the splash effect.Hitting while airborne will cause all projectiles to deal damage, even the ones that don’t get a direct hit. But this weapon usefulness doesn’t stop there. Doing the Calus boss fight isn’t all about who has the biggest single dps weapon. You need to have a teammate that will clear out all the trash monsters that randomly spawn during the boss fight. So while your teammates gun down Callus with their high dps weapons, make sure you are the one that does the job that they can’t !

Intrinsic – Mad Scientist
This weapon fires a volley of rockets. This right here is why you need to Jump before firing. Make sure you aim at the largest pack of monsters, the projectiles that miss direct hit  will still cause aoe damage.

Magazine – Extended Mag
This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower. Yes, this is not you standard issue rifle, you need to aim carefully with your each shot, and make it count !

Launcher Barrel – Volatile Launch
This weapon is optimized for an especially explosive payload greatly increasing blast radius.

Trait – Mechanized autoloader
This weapon automatically reloads on ammo pickup. – Pretty damn sweet 😀

Hawthorne Legendary Field Forge

The Hound Killer !

Hawthorne Legendary Field Forge-min

Pleasure gardens is a really tricky area that requires the team to work together, 4 picking up spores, 2 shooting the spore containers with the yellow beam. Once you collected enough spores and the beasts enrage you need to have a high dps close quarter weapon that will make a short work of the Tho’ourg hounds. This is where shotguns really shine. Unmatched at close quarter combat, kill the hounds as fast as possible.

Barrel – Smoothbore
Smooth shotgun barrel. Greatly increases range at the cost of more pojectile spread.

Magazine – Assault Mag
This shotgun’s magazine is optimized for quick combat. Greatly increases stability and rate of fire.

Trait – Full auto trigger system.
Holding down the trigger will fire this weapon at full auto.

That’s it for today’s Leviathan’s raid best weapons of choice. For a complete guide on how to clear every area, including the final Emperor Calus boss fight refer to our Leviathan Raid Guide.

leviathan raid guide

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