Trials of the Nine explained

Trials of the Nine

What is Trials of the Nine – A special PvP activity done in a party of four which tracks your wins and loses through the event. Unlike other regular PvE events, this is a competitive mode, meaning you have limited revives and it takes longer than usually until you can revive.

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Wining is everything !

Wining a match grants you 4 Trial of the Nine tokens which you take to the new emissary in the new social space. Leveling him up grants you trial of the nine loot, and winning more matches unlocks new platform to jump on. At 4 wins you unlock your first new platform, and at 7 is 2nd platform both granting you additional loot ! Lacking wins will collapse the platform and cause you to fall into the abyss.

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flawless emissary vendor

Get Flawless 7-0 Run and reap the rewards !

If you manage to win all 7 your matches without a single loss you will unlock the third flawless area. A massive Trials of the Nine vendor will offer you the final reward where you get to pick between two items. After choosing the gear you will also be granted with a unique “You are worthy” amblem in addition to the special “Ninth aura”.

Best PvP Weapons

Darkest Before

The Darkest Before is currently the strongest weapon at medium to semi-far range in the game! With the fastest time to kill and really good handling, the  low recoil makes this weapon an absolute monster.

Detter Devils

Better Devils is currently one of the most used guns in Destiny 2 PVP as a whole, this incredibly reliable hand cannon is a clear choice for anyone starting out PVP and up until TOP level PVPing.

Positive Outlook

The Positive Outlook is the weapon for auto-rifle lovers! With the low recoil and moderate damage this gun will tear people apart from medium to semi long range. What makes this auto-rifle better than it’s competitors is the Kill clip: reloading after a kill will tear enemies apart !

When choosing a PvP weapon, you are looking for fast, easy to use agile weapon. Speed and single target damage is what determines the winner in PvP. Area of effect weapons such as Graviton lance and other Rocket launchers although awesome in PvE and certain raid situations, are not that strong in the crucible.

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