Mountaintop Carry & Recovery

Important read before ordering

We redesigned the calculator to help cut the cost on your boosting order as much as possible. Since we can finish any of the grenade launcher, rapid kills and trajectory kills quests while doing glory boost we decided to not charge for those if you have enough glory points to work with. Although the calculator estimates the amount of quests we can finish based on how much glory points you ordered, if you still need extra grenade launcher kills or rapid kills and so on use the dropdown products section below the calculator.

Example: Your current glory points is 1200 and you ordered boost to 2100. The estimate completion on the quests is 450 grenade launcher kills, 117 rapid kills and 60 trajectory kills. In case you need more quest points than the estimated completion (need full 200 rapid kills and we can only do 117 with the current glory points range, either add more glory points or order + 83 rapid kills below the calculator). Purpose being is to not price each quest additively as it will cost a lot more, instead cut on the quests price coz we can finish them while doing glory rank boost as well.

Mountaintop Boost








Total Points Ordered :

5 $ 

Our Mountainttop carry and recovery service is available with the launch of Black Armory, the 4th Destiny 2 dlc slated to launch December 4th. Although this is a grenade launcher type of weapon, it will not behave like one. Unlike the standard curved (parabolic) trajectory grenade launchers the Mountaintop will behave differently when compared to the other weapons in it’s class. The unique “Micro-Missile” perk allows this weapon to fire straight line trajectory missiles with greatly increased travel speed. The missiles explode on impact with any serface they come in contact with and will not bounce like standard grenade launchers ammo (unless you have sticky grenades selected).

mountaint top service

Order Quest Steps (3-5 days for full completion)

Order each step of the way here and enter quantity for partial completion (eg: you have 75 rapid points kill so enter quantity 125 for 200 points full completion and so on). Or alternatively you can order the entire quest chain and enjoy additional discount.

How to get Mountaintop


The grenade launcher is obtained by finishing 3 steps, each with it’s own unique requirement.

Step 1:

Obtain Glory rank Brave.


Step 2:

Earn 750 points by completing grenade launcher final blows. You can obtain 750 points in competitive or non competitive mode, you will earn 10 points per kill in comp and 3 points per kill in non competitive mode, so naturally we will aim for comp games.

Earn 200 points by performing rapid kills (2 or more). Competitive double play grants 5 points, and additional 2 for each consecutive kill. In non competitive however you gain only 2 points per double kill and additional 1 point for each subsequent kill.

Earn 100 calculated trajectory medals. Again competitive play will be the way to go with 4 points per medal as oposed to a single point awarded for non competitive medal.


Step 3: Reach glory rank Fabled.


This is what we can do !

The following video is a compilation of some of our best plays by our teams. Actual ingame footage of ongoing and past orders. We work with some of the best teams in the world, both US and EU leaderboards, Vol#1 & 2 are now live, if you want us to make more of these make sure to comment and follow our youtube channel !

Vol #1

Vol #2 – kind of 😀

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Customer Reviews

Apr 14,2019

"Requested a booster since I don't get a lot of time to commit to the grind on this. Also, not a lot of players between LFG nor clan can dedicate what's required as well. Solo queued and started above Fabled before I locked in, and in two days Legend was hit. Shout out to my booster for doing a fantastic job in knocking this out. I know time varies but this was done in two days out of the projected 4. I play PvP all the time and for those who feel that they could attain the weapon but lack in both fireteam and their commitment, or those who're sick of looking through LFG, these guys will get it done. My booster was very good about communication in the short two days, and we easily had a schedule figured between playing since I'm usually on from when I wake up for a good few hours until I have to go and adult. Thanks guys!"

Client: JMeis32

Apr 10,2019

"Everything went really well! I got my NF in record time! super happy about the way they handled everything and I would definitely recommend you guys give them a shot!"

Client: Blue0wnz2

Apr 08,2019

"order finished the same day amazing and i got the recluse i recommend it ."

Client: SK

Mar 25,2019

"got my not forgotten in about 5 days from placing my order. allgood, never doubted them a minute. my booster updated me daily on his progress, enjoyed the streams as well."

Client: Trotski

Mar 15,2019

"I placed an order for final step on the thorn and they pleased me I will use them again soon"

Client: ReyesRobledo

Mar 09,2019

"got the recluse same day of order, pretty damn amazing."

Client: Qadmad

Mar 07,2019

"order finished same day as advertised they did it in a breeze with 15-20 winstreaks. using them for almsot a year now."

Client: hAski

Feb 27,2019

"These guys are Awesome thank you I would definitely recommend"

Client: Williams87ji

Feb 22,2019

"10/10 would use your services again if something is just out of reach for me. Very friendly and trustworthy service and enjoyable watching the pvp content whenever they streamed. I would highly recommend to others. Very quick and efficient because my order was completed days before the predicted deadline."

Client: MariSaphir

Feb 17,2019

"I don't know what to say I'm literally lost of words. The boosters are just too good in competitive mode. I placed my order 3 hours ago, had a chat with my booster through email, after 2 hours I already had my Luna! Their service is excellent, from the live chat to chatting with your given booster, and finally watching them getting win streaks in every single match they play! Everything was as smooth as butter. If you're struggling to get to Fabled or even Legend, TRUST ME, they will get the job done in NO TIME! I will highly recommend to my other friends who are also struggling to get to Fabled. If you are facing the same situation, what are you waiting for? Just place your order to them NOW!"

Client: GunXTrigger


Very simple, we login and complete all the quest steps ordered for the Mountain top carry service (usually 3-4 days for full completion). Order streamed service to watch progress live and learn from some of the best teams around !

Hehe, good question. We are working in Destiny 2 since it’s release, we never failed an order before. Our teams finished over 1k orders since the release, when it comes to boosting we know what we are doing 😀

We work globally, our boosters are mostly Europe and USA based so the prime working hours start from 5-6 pm CET for eu, and about the same for USA time zones. Talk to us via live chat prior order to make sure about exact starting timeframes.

As with all our Destiny 2 service, refunds are approved only if service was not started. Small delays of an hour or two shouldn’t be of any alarm or concern, in a very rare occasion that all teams are busy and order cannot be started right away we might consider to add some extra service for the extended delay.

Paypal is our default payment gateway, meaning you can use any currency (it will auto conver to $). For bigger orders or alternative payments such as Western Union or BTC contact us on live chat.

Our website uses latest SSL security technology (you can check this in the url). ALl account info provided is as safe as it can be. In addition to encryption your info is only handled by the teams that play the game, no third party gets access to it except for the teams working on the order.

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My booster tore through the quest steps so quickly. Would recommend these services to everyone. Let them run through all the things.

used them 2 seasons back, doing my weekly raid and did my season 4 weapons, this was no different got the mtop today trying it out right after work. i just cant imagine playing this game without the extra help i get from them, cant say thank you hard enough.

This my second time using these guys. They are simply the best you can find! Got my MountainTop in 3 days! I will be ordering my Not Forgotten in a few weeks. Highly recommend these guys if you have the extra money to spare. 😀

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