Titan Class guide and build

 Titan Class Guide & Build

For this week we are presenting you with the Titan class guide & build. The subclass of choice in this guide is the  Striker – and we believe is Destiny 2 Best Titan Build in the game. When first playing Destiny 2 the first question on everyone’s mind is – Which class should I pick ? Well, here is what the Titan has to offer.

titan shield-min

Titan Subclass Build – Striker

Our subclass build of choice is the Striker – and here is why !

Grenade: Pulse Grenade
The extended area of effect damage over time gives that extra damage boost that every Titan can use while raiding or doing Nightfall strikes. Does excellent work against clumped up large pack of enemies.

titan pulse grenade
aftershort code of the earthsh

Code of the Earth Shaker

The top skill is our choice here, Aftershock recharges your grenade when you damage enemies with your melee ( seismic strike). Magnitude grants an additional grenade to use and increases the duration of your grenade effects. Terminal Velocity grants a damage dealing fields to your Fists of Havoc ground slam attack and at the same time increases its damage the longer you remain in the air. Your final addition from the top skill is Seismic Strike – After sprinting for a short time use this melee ability to slam shoulder first into your target and release and arc explosion on impact is excellent for chasing enemy players in PvP.

Strafe Lift – Your air control skill.

Jumping while airborne activates lift with a strong directional control. This ability gives you the extra maneuverability you need when kiting enemies, or engaging on high plateau platforms where there is limited ground to work on.



Towering Barricade is your Class ability of choice. Summon a shield that prevents enemy damage, excellent for protecting allies as well as your self.

strafe lift-min
towering barricade-min

Items : Chest – Actium War Rig

PvE choice, steadily reloads a portion of your equipped auto rifle’s magazine from your reserves granting you extra ammo before you need to reload. For your PvP matchups however you want to go with Crest of Alpha Lupi. Activating barricade generates an additional orb of Light from supers in addition to 20-25% healing from your bonus healing pulse.

Titan Weapons of choice

Sweet Business – A real PvE Monster !

Easy to get and extremely viable in all around PvE activities.
Being a tank doesn’t mean he cant dish out damage. Unlike in many other games where the tank class is not the best when it comes to damage output, the titan is a real beast in PvE when using this rifle. It has a unique ability to instantly reload after picking up armor. With 99 rounds in a single clip this weapon will do a short work of any large pack of enemies.

weapon of choice sweet business-min

Nightshade – Powerful PvP weapon !

Although Mida Multi Tool is worth mentioning ( the extra movespeed always helps), we decided to go with the Nightshade simply coz it is much easier to get 😀 Kill clip, reloading after a kill grants increased damage ! A real snowball weapon, that ramps up damage while killing enemies. Excellent for close quarter combat, although not as viable at long range distance.

weapon nightshade-min

Guantlets : Doom Fang Pauldrons – Horns of Doom.

Shield bash melee kills recharge shield throw. Melee ability kills recharge sentinel shield super. Although not the best striker subclass item this exotic armor piece synergies extremely well with the bottom skill tree of sentinel subclass allowing you to throw multiple shields while using your super. So if planing to switch the subclass make sure you have this equipped.

Titan Class guide & build

Check out this awesome Striker Titan PvP gameplay !

That’s it for this Titan Class guide & build.

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Name: Destiny 2

Initial release date: September 5, 2017
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Series: Destiny
Genre: Action role-playing game
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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