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Silicon Neuroma is the first Destiny 2 Exclusive Nightfall Strike weapon introduced March 27th, a power slot sniper rifle. It was about damn time we get an exclusive prestige gear, so buckle up and team up with your friends, prestige strikes are finally worth grinding !

Weapon Perks and Best Use

The most important persk of this weapon are the accurized barrel, accurized rounds & quickscope. It allows Guardians to deal a crap ton of damage without losing momentum. As such it is an obvious upgrade when compared to it’s predecessor, Veleda-D. Use it to gun down Strike Bosses, Calus and just about any high hp enemies that you encounter. The ridiculous amount of single target damage paired with the high range capability makes the Silicon Neuroma one of the best, if not the best sniper rifle at this moment.


It is a sniper rifle that takes up your power slot. If planing on going on a raid you don’t want all 6 players carrying this weapon, you will be lacking on some serious aoe damage. It does not have aoe damage potential of any sort, and is not recommended for close quarter combat.

how to get silicon neuroma

How to get Silicon Neuroma ?

It is a newly Prestige Nightfall exclusive sniper that can only be obtained via prestige strike, we will run strikes till it drops ! As a part of the 8 new weapons that will be introduced each week with the next prestige strike starting March 28th it has unique properties unlike any previous weapons. Every item will be unique in it’s own way with new properties and perks. Our team consists of players that can finish prestige strikes in record 15-20 minutes time or faster. Time for completion is no more than a few days, although if lucky we can get it even faster !

Where from and how is the boost done  ?

As with all our Destiny 2 services, strikes are 100% hand done without any use of hacks or cheats that can harm your account. Order streamed boost to make sure all is secure and safe, our team consists of more than 20 players that consistently overperform on the pvp leaderboards and can finish raid/strikes in record time ! Boosters are located in various countries across Europe and United States.

Customer Reviews

Apr 27,2020

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Client: Dietsnapplebtw

Apr 18,2020

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Apr 04,2020

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Apr 02,2020

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Apr 01,2020

"This destiny service is amazing. I have used the service multiple times For several of the raids and PvP stuff. I have yet to be disappointed. Chezus was my primary booster and for all of the purchases he communicated with me very well and got the job done fast. The other boosters used were just as good. I have recommended this service to several people and will continue to do so as long the excellent service remains intact."

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Mar 25,2020

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Got it today, ordered 2 days back jsut got email of completion. A+

got my nf sniper today, thank god for you guys my entire clan is offline for like a month. A+ service

they got my silicon neuroma sniper within a day of ordering. A+ team expected nothing less

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