Redrix’s Broadsword Carry & Recov

Redrix’s Broadsword Carry & Recov Service

Our Redrix Broadsword carry service is exclusive to Forsaken expansion, the 3rd dlc introduced to Destiny 2. For those of you that “simply didnt had the time” 😀 to get the Redrix’s Claymore in season 3 Bungie is offering an alternative. Although with a slightly different look, the weapon will have the same desperados/outlaw roll in addition to other random properties. This gun does not require glory points to obtain, but people will need to grind for it a lot in season 4 in order to unlock it.

Redrix's Broadsword carry

Full Redrix Order ( valor and all quests)

Single Valor Reset (2000 points, Legend 200)

How to get the season 4 Redrix ?

Well, since in season 3 only about 1% of the entire playerbase was able to unlock the claymore, bungie decided to make the new version of this weapon a bit more accessible to everyone. It will take time though, if the average games needed for the claymore was about ~100 ( 65 if 0 losses), the broadsword will require around 400 crucible games to unlock. Although we are not certain of the exact timeframe we expect it to take between 7+ days to complete depending on our schedule. The entire questline consist of 8 steps that can be completed retroactively, (while working on one, you complete parts of the other quests as well).

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Customer Reviews

Oct 16,2019

"How to describe the service ? --> Pick any two of the below : highly-skilled professional dedicated swift 10/10 🙂 Would recommend them to everyone, everywhere and everytime."

Client: Sierpat

Oct 14,2019

"Any chance I can be part of this team? I would loved to help with recoves"

Client: MrPotatoHead2U

Oct 14,2019

"We accept only paypal, for glory points just use the progress bar and feel free to palce the order."

Client: lil_tod

Oct 14,2019


Client: lil_tod

Oct 14,2019

"Reach us out on the live chat pls."

Client: lil_tod

Oct 14,2019

"No we work only with our trusted teams."

Client: lil_tod

Oct 08,2019

"gos finished same day of order, very impresive. A+ from me"

Client: Sacked

Oct 07,2019

"Got carried for reculse in a day, amazing work, n1"

Client: scurvyCat

Oct 07,2019

"gos raid done same day of order. very well done guys will be back for more"

Client: Bad_Milk

Oct 07,2019

"This website is NO scam. I played with Dudo and Mr Leg. These guys were insane! I was a little bit nervous, but I decided to go for a carry service because I dont want to share my account. And THIs is the best at this website. You dont need to account share. I talked in the chat with the customer employer called Eric. I was very friendly and answered all my question. After ordering the service in about 20 mins i was in the game and these 2 pros literally shredded the enemies. Very fast and very friednly team. If anyone need a booster, here you will find your help. I really appreciateed it!"

Client: det2recluse

Very simple, we login and win games for you till we get the gun (~5 days for the entire questline). Order streamed service to watch progress live and learn from some of the best teams around !

Hehe, good question. We are working in Destiny 2 since it’s release, we never failed an order before. Our teams finished over 1k orders since the release, when it comes to boosting we know what we are doing 😀

We work globally, our boosters are mostly Europe and USA based so the prime working hours start from 5-6 pm CET for eu, and about the same for USA time zones. Talk to us via live chat prior order to make sure about exact starting timeframes.

As with all our Destiny 2 service, refunds are approved only if service was not started. Small delays of an hour or two shouldn’t be of any alarm or concern, in a very rare occasion that all teams are busy and order cannot be started right away we might consider to add some extra service for the extended delay.

Paypal is our default payment gateway, meaning you can use any currency (it will auto conver to $). For bigger orders or alternative payments such as Western Union or BTC contact us on live chat.

Our website uses latest SSL security technology (you can check this in the url). ALl account info provided is as safe as it can be. In addition to encryption your info is only handled by the teams that play the game, no third party gets access to it except for the teams working on the order.

Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. On this page we offer Redrix Broadsword carry & recovery service.

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Does this include the full 5 valor resets required to get the broadsword in the price

everything u need to get the gun m8, each quest of the way.

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