Pyramidion Nightfall Boost & Guide


Pyramidion Nightfall Boost & Guide


For our fourth Nightfall strike we are presenting you the Pyramidion Nightfall Boost & Guide. Compared to previous Nightfall Strikes there is no timeframe extensions here. You just have to do everything right ! Torrent however is a modifier that will boost your offensive abilities, making you recharge much faster, so spam you grenades every 2-3 seconds. As for the class choice, the ones we decided to pick are as follows:


Titan – Striker class with pulse grenade


Warlock – Storm caller with pulse grenade

warlock storm caller

Hunter – Nightstalker with vortex grenade


Fight Into the Pyramidion

hold waypoints

Once you hop in game spawn your sparrow and race for the first enemy pack, saving you a few precious seconds. In the first phase the hunter should go invisible and hold both waypoints while the other teammates clear out enemies. Once both plates are charged up a high lvl harpy spawns, kill it to proceed to the next zone. Don’t forget, make sure to accompany your Merciless or Coldheart boss killer weapons with lots of grenades, spamming them is key throughout this entire strike.

Careful with the white laser obstacles.

white lasers

They appear every time you switch zones. You cant just sparrow your way every time you finish an encounter. Be careful and open both eyes, the obstacles rotate and appear at random as you close in on them. Don’t get fooled on what you see from long distance, some of them appear only when you approach them.

Defeat the Taken

2nd step last phase

This is where you use your super, and again, spam A LOT of grenades. After finishing the first zone a lot of enemies with spawn during the final step. Unload everything you got here, use rocket launchers and grenades. The enemies will be clumped up, so instead using your boss killer weapons, make sure to switch to your aoe utilities.

Activate the Altars

third area hold ground

The third area is very similar to the first one, with an additional platform to charge up. Again, have a hunter with invisibility sneak in, while the rest of the team deal with the enemies. This area is much harder than the first, and will probably take you a bit more time to finish, you need to kill everything to be able to proceed to the next step.

Hack the Network Towers.

step 4 hack the towers

Assuming you made it all the way through ( this is where invisibility hunter can come really handy, even if your teammates die from the white lasers they can respawn at his checkpoint) you need to hack 4 towers that are guarded by enemies. Another step where the invisibility comes in handy, just use cloak and hack the towers while the rest of the team provides fire cover and distracts enemies.

Destroy Genesis Mind

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final step kill boss

After falling down through a massive tunnel you will find yourself in the last zone. Stand on the big circle to summon the final boss – Genesis Mind. Start shooting on sight, the clock is ticking and you need to use your boss killer weapons such as Merciless, Coldheart and similar rifles. After you deal certain amount of damage he will teleport away in a new zone where you need to hold two areas – just like in the first step. You wont be able to damage him until you unlocked both waypoints, first the left, then the right one, in that particular order. He will repeat this process one more time with a shield up where you need to disable it the same way.

Pyramidion Nightfall Boost & Guide

On his third teleport, there will be no more shields to protect him, so make sure you only focus him and try to ignore as much trash enemies as you can. High dps boss weapons are mandatory for this phase, if everything goes well you should be able to gun him down before the timer expires.

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That’s it for today’s guide, for more on our nightfall strike boost visit out boosting section 😀

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