New Temporary Payment Method

Hey guys, over the next few weeks we will be trying out new temporary payment system – you will pay directly to your boosters after placing the order on our website. Ordering on checkout will not charge your paypal or credit card, although the order will go through into processing and booster will be assigned. Once assigned talk to your personal booster and deal with him directly regarding the payment, playing time for your boost and so on. This is only a temporary measure since Bungie is making big problems with our payment providers (they don’t like people getting boosted so they decided to go after our payment providers and managed to pull temporary hold by accusing us of selling counterfeit items which is total ballocks).

Once we integrate new direct cc payment methods all will be as before, but for the time being enjoy 19.99$ Flawless Trials as an apology for this temporary situations. We decide to go this road since we had two options, either stop all orders all together, or simply process em directly to our teams. Well, we decided for the latter, nobody wants losing their customers, and it’s a win-win scenario, we get to resume our work while re-instating current and new payment methods, and you get to enjoy cheapest trials services in the world.

– Cheers, Raid Team.

Also, FU Bungie 😀

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