New Payment Method – Use PayOp for Direct Credit Card Payments

Hey guys, today we are announcing our new direct Credit Cart checkout system implemented by PayOp. Over the next few weeks we will be implementing numerous other payment methods in addition to the already existing ones, however we will no longer be able to use PayPal. Apparently Bungie filed copyright infringement accusation to PayPal against us and managed to persuade PayPal that we were somehow involved in selling counterfeit items that is in their intellectual property. Obviously this is complete utter nonsense and we will be appealing the case, however going forward from this and the following weeks we will be implementing additional payment options that support direct credit cart checkouts without any new mandatory registrations.



Our default payment method starting from today changed to PayOp which features fully integrated express Credit Card checkout system without any registration hustle and plethora of additional (270 to be exact) payment methods. You don’t have to register or make any new accounts, simply use direct credit card payment or if you already have registered account on Alipay, Skrill & so on.

Payment in 3 Easy Steps

Select PayOp on Checkout


Select Payment Method (CC Payment Supported)


Complete Payment


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