Fastest Calus Kill in 1 Minute

Fastest Calus Kill in 1 Minute


Fastest Calus Kill – yep, it is possible, Emperor Calus can be downed in 1 minute with the right team composition and gear. Without any delay, the requirements are:



1 Titan ( you can go with more but 1 is mandatory)
1 Warlock ( again, you can get by with a 2nd although not mandatory)

For the rest you can use Hunter however is not mandatory for this, keep in mind though hunter with golden gun is the highest dps you can get in that 1 minute timeframe.


Kinetic slot – 450 rpm Auto rifle such as the Origin story.
Energy slot – Coldheart Exotic trace rifle (for the skulls phase, you can use other rifles as well)
Heavy – Rocket launcher with cluster bombs such as the leviathan raid drop Sins of the past.

Here the items are not mandatory, it is just what is used in the video to get this done. You can use alternatives such as The Prosecutor in your energy slot, utilizing two 450 rpm rifles combined with the Origin Story. The Merciless fusion rifle is always a descent choice as well when it comes to killing high hp enemies and raid bosses.

The mechanics of the entire process is bursting damage with a CLUSTER BOMBS rocket launcher and then following it up with the Coldheart. If for whatever reason you don’t have rocket launcher with cluster bombs just utilize Merciless rifle instead of the Coldheart.

So, why all this works ?

You need to utilize a hidden mechanic in order to make this Fastest Calus Kill work. First kill everything that spawns until the psyons. Don’t kill them ! Yes they drop ammo but killing them will just spawn a lot of enemies and you wont be able to finish this. When the next phase beggins with the giant head, 4 people will stay here and only 2 will teleport back to Emperor Calus. So, 4 people in the new area will work on the skulls for the maximum damage buff, and the other 2 will attempt to finish Calus in a single run. The two people in the throne room kill everything on sight, use your aoe cluster bomb rocket launchers, and use your supers. Arc Strider Hunters and Stormcaller Warlock will do the job just fine.

coldheart skulls phase

The 4 people in the new giant head area will see 3 symbols which they shout out as usual and the 2 players in the throne room will correctly shoot at the off sign that the other team didn’t saw. Repeat the process until skulls start flying out of the cabal mouth. This is the most important step of the process. You need to kill A LOT of skulls – 90 or more to be precise. Don’t forget, unlike in normal Calus fight, now you are 4 in this area, so this should be doable ! For this skull phase you must have a Warlock with empowering rift “The Arc Souls”. The arc souls will automatically lock on the skulls and shoot them.

The 2nd mandatory class for this phase is a Titan with Rally Barricade shield. Position infront of the warlock and pop the shield. All 4 should clump up in this area and gain The Arc Souls benefit. Duck behind the rally barricade and back up to instantly reload your Colheart, so make sure all 4 use that weapon. Remember, when low on ammo don’t reload manually, just duck behind the rally barricade and back up for fast reload.

fastest calus kill

Another important trick you can do in this phase is extending the skulls phase. The duration of the skulls is correlated with Calus wipe mechanic back in throne room. The two people in throne room should delay this as much as possible. You can extend this to up to 20 seconds – which is a lot of skulls for the 4 man team ! It is a tricky part, deal some damage but don’t go full rampage. Leave a small portion of his health and finish him off in the last second before your health bar is drained to 0.

Once the skull phase is finished the 4 man team will run back to the throne room and start dishing out damage. Wait for everyone to get in and start shooting at the same time. The first weapons you will use is the rocket launchers, sitting behind Titan’s Rally Barricade on a platform. Shoot, crouch down and crouch up to instantly reload. This is the highest dps you can do at this phase. Don’t spare your other abilities as well, this is where you dishout everything, so make sure you use your pulse grenades and supers.

calus kill 1 minute

For the final phase, after all the rocket launchers have been used up, Coldheart will finish the job. Don’t worry if you don’t have this pre-order exclusive weapon the Merciless will do the job just as well. And that’s it, if you time this correctly and use the right weapons, this is doable. Other things to note is that he will use his platform mechanics more often ( will rotate between all in one minute) so move around a lot. His weak spots will also change between his head and his chest so aim for the weak spots !

Hope you enjoyed this Fastest Calus Kill guide, give it a try and let us know how it went, before bungie fix this 😀

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