Destiny 2 Nightfall Guide – The Arms Dealer

Destiny 2 Nightfall Guide – The Arms Dealer


The first Destiny 2 Nightfall Event – The Arms Dealer. First thing you want to pay attention to is your “Burns” that popup on your interface – Void, Solar and Arc. Watch out on the timers as they rotate between each other and make sure to communicate with your team on when and how you time them to best suite the type of weapons you are using. Time is always working against you in Nightfall – Taking out Majors grant you 7 seconds whereas common enemies grant +2 seconds to your time limit.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Guide - The Arms Dealer

Solar Charge – Deposit them and gain advantage.

Once you pickup a solar charge make sure you melle with it to gain the extra maneuverability in order to get to the next checkpoint. After successfully slamming the Solar Charge run back to your team and group up !

spawn your sparrow-min

Spawn your Sparrow.

After completing the story you unlock a Sparrow. After finishing previous 2 steps make sure you boost with your sparrow and get to the next area, you dont have to fight all the small pack of enemies that spawn in between, after all Nightfall is all about efficiency vs time frames. You should engage in the zone where two tanks spawn – the first one is easy to beat. 2nd Tank is where the tricky part is, but luckily we got a shortcut on how to do it !
Instead fighting enemies, climb up the side support beams and look for a small opening from where u can shoot down the tank. No enemies will target you as long as you remain in this area.

climb side support-min

Don’t wait for the elevator !

climb the ladder-min

After you finish the 2nd tank, try to climb up the ladder that is supposed to take the elevator up. You don’t have to wait for it, this will save you precious time for you and your team ! Even if you fall after you climb to the very top, your orb will remain at the top, so onve elevator is activated your teammates can join you there.

That is all for now, as we get more info and insight on this event we will make sure to update this post. In the meantime refer to our power leveling section for all we got to offer !

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