Destiny 2 Leveling Guide

Destiny 2 Leveling Guide

Destiny 2 Leveling, tips and shortcuts on how to do it right !

With the game’s launch September 6th, we are here to bring you the first Destiny 2 Leveling Guide.

Leveling 1-20

This is where it all starts, optimal leveling route should make this doable in a day or two, leveling is done by completing missions, slaying monsters, while hitting level 20 ! Besides leveling up you will also gain an upgrade point which you can later spend on your abilities.

However after hitting level 20, progressing through the game will grant you upgrade points and additonal chance of loot drops ! If you run out of objectives on the current planet, make sure to visit additional planets and sectors.

powerleveling image 2

Check out this video bellow, on details and getting a first hand experience in leveling. Credits to KickassHD for the video !

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Power Level – 300 Cap !

Power level is what Light Level was in Destiony 1, the average power your character has after completing level 20. Split in offensive and defensive part – averaged between the two, where the weapon power level determines how much damage you deal to enemies, whereas the defensive level determines how much damage you can take before dying. Progressing through power level is done by finishing missions and grinding up to 260. The most effective way to power level past 260 is doing weekly resets such as flash points, call to arms  and any other activities that grant Powerful Gear ! We are still not sure on how much time will it take to hit the cap, but we are pretty certain it wont be done as fast as 1-20 leveling.

For our power leveling services refer to this page.

Meanwhile check out this video on tips and shortcuts on Power Leveling to 300!

Destiny 2 raiding end game

Raiding – Destiny 2 end game !

After leveling 1-20 and max power level is reached, raiding is the ultimate way to upgrade your character and bring him to the final stage in the game. This is where end game gear is obtained in addition to extra experience. Make sure you are ready on September 13th for the first Destiny 2 Raid !

Stay with us as we get more info and update on details about everything posted above !

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