Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Review


Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Review

Welcome to our Destiny 2 exotic weapons review. This guide will explain which weapons are best suitable for different situations in the game. First off, how to get them ? Exotic Engrams is one way to do it which can be obtained by completing the campaign. Finishing Nightfall strikes and Raids or leveling up Vendors and doing public heroic events can also drop them. More on how to get exotic engrams on this page.

This list stars off with the three Exotic Weapons which we know for certain that drop by completing quests and missions as part of the game. The Rat King, Mida-Multi Tool and Sturm are the only non-random drop exotic weapons.

Mida – Multi Tool

This weapon is all about speed and versatility. Transform even the slowest Titan into a flanking machine that can outmaneuver enemies and get in position where needed most. Paired with the SMG Mida Mini Tool, alloy magazine allows it to reload quicker. SMGs are close quarter weapons with average PvE value. Make sure to engage enemies in medium to close combat range to get the best out of your Mida. PvP is where this weapon excells, the extra movement speed boost, and the ability to see your radar makes it a fantastic weapon. Flank your opponents and try to sneak in from behind, the Mida – Multi Tool has excelent damage outburst in close combat situations.

mida multi tool
The Rat King - Exotic Sidearm

The Rat King Exotic

Doing the side missions on Titan that unlock after you finish the campaign well set you on the path to get  the Rat King. After completing various missions and quests do patrols with another person that has the quest or the weapon. Finally completing Night fall strike with 5 minutes left will unlock the weapon.

This is a team weapon, the unique intrinsic feature – Rat Pack – boosts this weapon damage based on how many players in your party have it equipped. Stacks up to 6 times ! Going invisible after a kill is another unique feature. Allows you to take down multiple enemies in short period of time, make sure to position carefully before engaging. Again, like the Mida-Multi Tool this weapon exceeds in close quarter combat, however it has better potential due to the ability to take down multiple enemies while remaining stealthed or even get a clutch revive. Pair it with night stalker to get the extra advantage of other invisibility abilities.

Sturm – Exotic Hand Cannon

After finishing the campaign talk to Nessus and start the O Captain Mission located at Exodus Black , near Failsafe. The unique value of this weapons is filling the magazine of your Energy weapon in your reserves. The PvE vs PvP advantage here is obvious, the weapon comes to shine when killing multiple enemies rather than few. It comes short in rate of fire when compared to The Rat or Mida, aim carefully before each shot. Like the previous two, this weapon exceeds in close range combat as opposed to long distance shots.

Sturm - Exotic Hand Cannon
graviton lance - Exotic Weapon

Graviton Lance – Black Hole Generator

Yes, you read it right, every third shot spawns a black hole which bursts and explodes causing enemies to take lots of damage ( rip physics tho) 😀 An absolute beast in PvE, this weapon can single handedly clean a large pack of enemies that are grouped up together, although it is rather difficult to land that hit in PvP. As if creating black holes is not enough of an aoe damage, this weapon also explodes enemies killed making it one of the best aoe weapons in the game.

Borealis - Exotic Weapon

Borealis – Exotic Sniper – PS4 Exclusive !

This is one of the best PvE weapons in the game. The unique property “holding square (ps4 only) changes the damage type of this weapon. Cycling between solar, arc and void” makes it a real threat when handled by players with good aim. Although it only has 5 bullets in the magazine destroying enemies shield transfer one bullet from reserves to the magazine.

D.A.R.C.I. – Exotic Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifle with a “Personal Assistant” intrinsic property. Aiming at an enemy reveals its health and other valuable information in the scope, as well as granting increased precision damage. Use the aim assist in PvP to get that perfect head shot. Although not the best PvE choice, the Crucible is where the weapon excel.

darci- - exotic weapon
fighting lion - exotic weapon

Fighting Lion – Exotic Grenade Launcher

A grenade launcher in your energy slot that allows you to get an extra Heavy. Bonus damage to enemy shields and free-reloads when killing enemies  damaged by this weapon is one of its most notable features. Procing this is not as easy tho. You need to have a high damage weapon to finish enemies off, so make sure to tag them with the lion while they are on yellow or red heath bars.

coldheart - exotic weapon

Coldheart Exotic – Preorder Exclusive

The weapon of choice for wallet warroirs :D. Jokes aside, preording Destiny 2 will unlock this weapon on any platform, PC PS4 & X-Box. Unlike projectile based weapons this is a cold fusion weapon shooting powered laser. Its unique trait “Longest winter” exponentially increases the damage you deal while staying on the same target so make sure to position well and not lose sight of your enemy. An all around PvP and PvE killing machine, best suitable against bosses with large health pools that are easy to hit !

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