Destiny 2 Boosting Now Streamed on Twitch

Streamed Boosting in Destiny 2

As we move forward with expanding our service we are introducing Destiny 2 Boosting now streamed ! Take a closer look on how our teams work and learn from the best !


Destiny 2 Boosting now streamed

With each boosting order now you have an option to pick streamed service for a small additional fee (10$). All our boosting services are fully transparent and we always strive to bring the best possible experience for everyone using us, be it for boosting or coaching 😀

Ordering a boost is not just about getting your character to the next level, it should be much more than that. Learn how to handle each zone in the Leviathan Raid, find out the best PvP weapons for the crucible and how to go 7-0 with proper teammates and communication.


Play with Booster – Coming Next !

Play with us when ordering boost

For our next step in improving our boosting service we are looking into the no account sharing feature – order boost directly with us in game. Needles to say communication is of outmost importance so get ready to jump into party with experienced players that do this for a living !

We are looking to implement this feature in the following week or so, and are still working out the pricing for each order separately. Comment bellow and let us know what you think, is this worth implementing ? Would you like to play with boosters directly in game, or you prefer the on account service and rather do something else while we work ?

Streamed boost in the following sections

Raid Boosting

Order Raid Boosting destiny 2

Destiny 2 Boosting – Custom Orders.

destiny 2 boosting custom orders
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Destiny 2 Boosting now streamed on twtich. All PvP and PvE boosts can now be streamed, visit out dedicated sections for more ! For more on our play with booster offers check out our blog posts in the near future !

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Hey was up everyone i think this is a great idea and for sure i would like to play with you guys and know all the tips and tricks from you guys

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