The Adjudicator – Best PvP Weapon

The Adjudicator – Best PvP Weapon

Destiny 2 Latest addition The Adjudicator SMG is a real PvP monster rivaling exotics such as the Mida Multi Tool and even the Vigilance Wing. To be more specific, the amount of shots you need to kill an opponent in a 1 v 1 scenario is similar to that of a 450 rounds per minute auto rifle such as the Origin Story or Uriel’s Gift. The Adjudicator being a 600 rpm SMG has a clear advantage in this scenario, a whooping 25% damage increase makes it unmatched by the previous two.

Adjudicator Best PvP Weapon

Comparing it to another SMG such as the popular Mida Multi tool, it has another advantage. Although the Mida sits at a whooping 900 rpm, the damage output scales down exponentially with range increase, the Mida simply doesnt cut it at long range distances. This however, does not happen with the Adjudicator. Enemies using Prosecutor or Uriel’s Gift will find this 1 v 1 duel difficult to handle, and be outgunned in most scenarios.

destiny 2 origin story
uriels gift weapon

Although this weapon’s main purpose is the crucible, it has its uses in PvE as well. The kinetic property allows it to be used in tandem with energy pulse or even scout rifles. Unlike in PvP The Origin Story is a clear winner when hunting down monsters and need to handle tight Raid situations. The feature that makes this weapon viable in these scenario is the close range efficiency. When fighting mindless ai monsters it is not that hard to get in melee range and shred down an entire pack in a matter of seconds.

The overall review of this weapon is a real 10 when it comes to close PvP encounters, although performs above average on medium-long distance engagements when compared to other smg and even some auto rifles. As of right now It is the best kinetic Trails of the Nine reward available for purchase in our store.

The Adjudicator in PvP

600 Rounds Per Minute

Intrinsic – Precision Frame
This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical

Barrel – Corkscrew Rifling
Balanced barrel which slightly increases range, stability and handling speed.

Trait ( both available, non exclusive)

Sliding partially reloads this weapon’s magazine and temporarily boosts handling and stability.
Dynamic Sway Reduction
When holding down the trigger this weapon’s sway-reduction system boosts accuracy over time.

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